‘Project Runway All Stars’ Season 2 Premiere Recap, Let The Fabulousness Begin!

Project Runway Turns 10
Klum & Gunn Attend 10th Anniversary Party For Project Runway
It must be a gift from the fashion Gods, because we just ended a season of Lifetime’s Project Runway in which the fabulous Dimitry took the grand prize and already we are being given another round of designer gold. These are most fierce, most talented, most lovable, and the most bitchy designers from various seasons. You couldn’t ask for better reality television folks, this is the big leagues.

A similar judging panel is back as well, with Isaac MIzrahi and the ever flawlessly gorgeous Georgina Chapman who designs for Marchesa. Guest judges for this episode were Rachel Roy who has designed for First Lady Michelle Obama and the wonderfully quirky and lovable Mondo Guerra, who won the first round of All Stars. We still have Joanna Coles from Marie Claire taking the Tim Gunn guidance position and an even better hostess than annoying Angela Lindvall in the form of beautiful Carolyn Murphy. Let the games begin!

So who do we have back in the game this time around? The adorable Anthony Ryan with his wonderful haircut and cute southern accent, crazy purple haired Suede Baum who speaks in the third person most of the time, the tennis style designer Peach, plastic fabulous Casanova, who apparently has been working for that crazy yet talented bitch Ivy as her assistant, which will be interesting as Ivy is also in the competition. We also have Kayne, bald Andre’, Althea, Uli, lovely rich girl Laura Kathleen, Wendy Pepper from the first season of the series and demon of all fab-ul-ous divas Joshua M. This couldn’t be any more awesome. Right out the gate we are all hoping that Josh and Ivy go at each other’s throats.

Here is what one designer will win if they can make it through the trenches of fashion warfare: a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine and a position with the publication as Contributing Editor for one year, a chance to create a custom collection for Nine West, a sewing studio provided by Brother, an all-expenses paid trip around the world to attend fashion weeks in cities such as Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo courtesy of Laura Mercier, a technology suite/office space from HP and the cous de gras: a cash prize of $150,000. Hell yes.

The designers are given a team challenge and they couldn’t be any more annoyed. They each need to choose a word that they can design a collection from. Team Confident consists of Kayne, Uli, Althea, Ivy, Casanova, Anthony Ryan, and Wendy. They decide to design with lace and leather. Team Bold consists of Josh, Peach, Laura, Emilio, Andrae and Suede. They decide to design with black and a bold electric blue.

Immediately, the audience can sense who is ready for this heavy pressure and who is going to fall pretty fast. Anthony Ryan notices that everyone is designing dresses, so he opts for separates and creates a blouse that is androgynous in the front and see-through lace in the back. He pairs this with a white fitted trouser. Peach struggles to decide upon a design and she creates an odd black dress with added blue sleeves.

The runway show is amazing. Team Bold shows off some interesting pieces, Josh’s especially looks like an S&M tribute and Suede creates a black dress with an odd skirt made out of napkins. Laura’s look is fabulous, a blue blouse and black trousers that have a flare at the bottom. Then comes Team Confident, with Ivy’s model sporting an amazing white blazer with black lace, Casanova’s creation of a black on black leather and lace cocktail dress with a perfect open back, Wendy’s black strapless cocktail dress with stark features, and Kayne’s drag queen-esque lace gown. (Casanova’s words, not mine.)

The boring people are safe and forgettable. The top three consist of Ivy, Anthony Ryan, and Casanova. The judges love Anthony Ryan’s separates and award him the challenge win. Ivy is a very close second with her impeccable blazer and leather shorts, although Isaac Mizrahi wasn’t loving the shorts. Casanova impressed guest judge Mondo.

Then it was onto the bottom three: Andre’, Peach, and Suede. Andre’s outfit was just messy and didn’t make too much sense to Carolyn Murphy, but I didn’t think it was too terrible. Suede’s dress was actually gross. It was kind of an insult to be included with the All Stars. And Peach did that old lady thing she does by trying to make her designs too young and failing in the process. All the judges agree that she needs to stick with her strength and design what she knows. Ultimately, Peach was sent home. In my opinion, it should have been Suede, but producers are probably keeping him around for the drama. You gotta love it!