‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘You’ve Got Male’

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This week’s challenge on Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars was all about androgyny. The designers were informed by a very sexy looking Carolyn Murphy in a low cut blazer that they would have $150 and one day to create a look that was both avante garde and transitional between male and female inspiration. Some designers took to this very well while others floundered.

Just when the going got tough and people started getting the hang of things, the ever gorgeous Georgina Chapman from Marchesa told the group that she was about to give them a twist. She invited a new set of models into the design room and the designers were in shock.

The models were a pack of nervous looking, yet extremely handsome male models. Immediately every female started flipping out, well except for Ivy who revels in androgynous looks. Laura Kathleen started having a minor panic attack and Uli just looked confused. The guys loved their new models however and enjoyed fitting them for the second look they were required to make to match their female androgynous creation.

Kayne decided to make two houndstooth blazers with structured shoulders, but went a bit overboard when he added a fringe collar to the women’s version. Emilio created a pantsuit in red, black, and white pinstripe. Anthony Ryan made a draped warrior like black dress for his male and then created a matching white blouse for his female.

Casanova has proven to be delightful this season and seems to have mastered the English language better than his previous experience on the show. He created an insane gold leather vest with scorpion cuts outs, which resembled a warrior’s garb. He then matched that idea in a pair of gold pants for his male model. Ivy helped him finished extras that were stressing him out and Anthony Ryan poked fun at the two of them being attached at the hip. Luckily for us, Casanova’s friendship has tempered Ivy’s fire this season and made her tolerable.

Althea created an insane set of eggplant colored jackets with dramatic collars, but for some reason this didn’t wow the judges. Ivy’s looks were drab and boring. Joshua created a white jacket with dark blue faux fur sleeves, which was decent but slightly missed the mark. These three landed safely in the middle and got into a bit of a pissing match in the green room.

Anthony Ryan, Emilio, and Uli were in the top three. Uli’s two pieces were fantastic and included dark feathers, safety pins, and a structured jacket. This nearly won her the challenge, but Emilio knocked it out of the park. His models were styled flawlessly and almost looked like twins. Carolyn Murphy commented that the male was so beautiful that he was making her sweat. Isaac Mizrahi stated that the looks may have been relying too much on the fedora hats both models were wearing, yet the judges still awarded him the prize and Anthony Ryan stayed safe.

Guest judges this episode were the newly famous Jason Wu, who has designed many gowns for First Lady Michelle Obama, and Robert Rodriguez, who has designed for Angelina Jolie and Nicole Kidman. Wu really loved Uli’s pieces and found them especially creative.

Kayne and Laura Kathleen were in the bottom. Laura Kathleen created a terrible set of ensembles for both male and female. Obviously, androgynous doesn’t strike well with her. The male had a chiffon white blouse with sad looking cut outs. Georgina Chapman was not pleased with this at all. However, Kayne’s over decorating caused him to get the ax and it was somewhat sad when he cried while saying his goodbyes. By the way, nobody gets a hug and a goodbye from Tim Gunn or anyone else when they leave All Stars. That’s kind of a bummer.