‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: The Finale Part 1

We Miss Heidi Klum!
Last Season's Runway Show Was Nothing Short Of Amazing!
Project Runway All Stars has attempted to take the best and most fabulous designers from past seasons and have them compete with one another to see who the ultimate artist will be. It may have started out cheerful and fun, but in the last few episode we’ve seen the worst come out in people and it hasn’t been a pretty sight.

Unlike regular finales, this season did not have home visits or Tim Gunn critiques. Instead, the designers have four days to complete five looks in their own private design rooms at the infamous 1407. Austin seems extremely happy and full of glee. Michael seems nervous and Mondo, well he just turned into the most whiny obnoxious beyotch we’ve ever seen him be. Kind of a buzzkill.

Austin makes an attempt to encourage Mondo and compliment his style, but Mondo has nothing but snarky snide comments in return. Michael is caught in the middle. Why can’t my two favorite fabulously gay designers just be best friends already?

Mondo uses his depressing emo episode as an inspiration and titles his line, ‘therapy’. Austin is on cloud nine with vintage fabulousity, but seems confused on his theme. Each designers gets a past contestant as an assistant. Austin had the wonderful Anthony at his side and thank the maker for that. Anthony is such a ray of sunshine and just so lovable. Mondo picked depressing Mila. Michael picked April.

Then the twist comes. They must make a sixth look for their collections using the scrap fabric from past challenges. Michael can’t find anything to fit his safari theme. Mondo uses Mila’s help to create a black and white look. Austin makes another leather dress, which looked somewhat disastrous. Boom! The show ends and we have to wait until next week to see how it all turns out.

One thing is for sure, Mondo better get over his slump because it was a real bummer to witness and no fun at all.