‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: The Finale

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On the season finale of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the last three designers were challenged to create a six piece collection based on their country of origin or ancestry. Elena was assigned Ukraine, Korto was assigned Liberia, and Seth Aaron was assigned Spain.

The designers met Alyssa Milano at the UN and met with the delegates from each of their respective countries. They had four days and $2000 to complete their collections. Naturally, chaos ensued.

Each designer was also given an assistant, a fellow designer who had been previously eliminated, in order to help them complete their looks. Elena was given Viktor, Korto was given Christopher, and Seth Aaron was paired with Jeffrey.

Korto’s family left Liberia and moved to Canada when she was young. She has already done service work there and made fashion inspired by her home to benefit the people there. Elena had a hard time fitting in after moving to the U.S. from Ukraine. Seth Aaron is a white dude so the producers had to improvise and pull a country from his ancestry.

Lucky for Seth Aaron however, is that Spain has a fantastic color scheme of red, gold/yellow, and black. He used this to his advantage when creating his pieces.

Then there was a twist! Dun . . . Dun. . . DUN! The designers were to use scarves from exotic patterns and prints from around the world to complete a seventh look. The scarf had to encompass at least fifty percent of the look. Elena immediately started having a meltdown and Viktor had to give her a pep talk and essentially make the seventh dress for her entirely.

Elena’s collection combined wool and neoprine to express the coldness and boldness of her heritage. The shoulders had her signature silhouette. The judges were happy to see a completed collection, but nothing surprised them.

Korto’s collection was light and airy, a breath of fresh air. She used light yellows and whites to create her looks. Georgina Chapman seemed to really love it. Isaac Mizrahi had an emotional reaction to certain pieces.

Seth Aaron’s collection truly impressed guest judge Zac Posen. Oh, and Oprah’s best friend Gale King was there as a guest judge, which is completely inconsequential. Georgina loved Seth’s ability to drape his pieces, which truly says a lot coming from the founder of Marchesa. The only worry the judges had here is that he often leans toward cartoony in some of his pieces.

The judges gave Elena third, Korto second, and chose Seth Aaron as the winner. His collection was creative, sleek, chic, and bold. Congrats Seth Aaron!