‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: The Final Four

A Fashion How-To
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Finally! Our fashion fix is back!

After what seemed like the longest hiatus ever, Lifetime’s Project Runway has finally returned after the holidays. We are down to the final four and things are really getting competitive.

The challenge this week was to create a look for the fashion company Milly, using their textiles, and keeping things under a budget so that the finished product could be made and retail for $400. The winner would have their look sold in Milly stores and online. Let the games begin!

Christopher notices that patterns and prints are really dominating Milly’s clothing line and decides to stick with that. He also notices that Elena doesn’t stick with that idea at all and instead goes for a stark white leather and mesh fabric with a neoprene lining. He thinks she might be in trouble with the judges when it’s all said and done.

He decides to create a structured top with black vegan leather (which he made sure to emphasize pretentiously throughout the episode). Then he created a sarong to drape over the top of the leather dress. However, he struggled with time towards the end and begin panicking a little.

Korto used two textiles from Milly that matched up fairly well and were very tribal and colorful. Even Milly’s creator Michelle Smith was apprehensive about the pairing, but excited that Korto was taking a chance.

Seth Aaron used heavy black and white color blocking with a hint of neon pink ruffle to create a fun and flirty look with a short mini flair skirt. He wanted to incorporate a heavy zipper, but it would put the look over budget on the retail side. Each designer had to get their look approved by Milly’s CEO, some dude who seems like a business man that knew little about fashion and a lot about number crunching.

The guest judges this week were Nick Cannon, who frankly should not be judging fashion at all, and Kristin Chenoweth, who is cute as a button in every single possible way. Nick loved Elena’s white structured mini dress because it had a zipper in the front and he liked the “easy access” from a male perspective. Classy. Isaac Mizrahi did not like the zipper, but all the judges raved about Elena’s dress.

Georgina Chapman showed up, which was nice because she always looks and acts flawless, and she has been MIA for the past few episodes. She really loved Elena’s look, but questioned Christopher Palu’s look and this seemed to annoy him. She said she doesn’t know who he is as a designer. All the judges loved Seth Aaron’s fun and flirty dress, naming him the winner of the challenge. They told Elena she was safe which left Korto and Chris.

Because the judges could not decide who to send home, they had both designers take an extra hour to remix a few of their looks they’ve created throughout the season. Korto used her Bonnie & Clyde challenge jacket and her menswear pants to pull together a skirt and blouse that were heavy and classy. Christopher ripped apart his beautiful navy blue gown, creating a skirt, and used the belt from his Bonnie & Clyde look to create a wonderful look. Georgina even took back her comment about not knowing his aesthetic because she was so impressed.

However, in the end the judges decided to keep Korto and send Christopher Palu packing. I wonder how it will all pan out. Will Elena have another mental breakdown? Will Seth Aaron create another costume cartoonish piece? It’s anyone’s game.