‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: School Is Out, Fashion Is In

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No more papers, no more books.

On this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars the designers boarded a school bus and drove to a nearby elementary school to gather supplies for an unconventional challenge. Using only school supplies, the designers had to create a couture look.

The winner would be featured in an ad for Mary Kay Cosmetics in Marie Claire magazine. Let the games begin!

The designers scrambled to grab supplies like jump ropes, play mats, rulers, crayons, folders, construction paper, and even kick balls. Elena got to work immediately in the work room and was annoyed that the others started playing jump rope rather than get right down to business. Viktor and Elena are friends so she didn’t think twice about offering some tips to him for design. But she didn’t realize that he would use them and exploit them to his advantage.

Viktor started cutting up rubber flexible rulers into bits and then sewing them onto his dress like fur. It ended up looking magnificent. And Elena wasn’t clever enough to use the rubber rulers. She tried hammering up plastic rulers for geometric shapes on the top of her dress and decided to scrap the idea when it didn’t work out. When Zanna came in for critiques she was crying . . . again.

Everyone rolled their eyes at the waterworks. Can you imagine being in a relationship with Elena? What a whirlwind that would be!

Christopher was uneasy during the bus ride because it reminded him of his elementary school years when he was bullied for being gay. He decided to create a black structured piece that was very couture and highlight some rainbow colors at the top of the neckline representing true colors or something like that. He tried hot gluing crayons, but that wouldn’t work so he opted for geometric magnet pieces and created jewelry.

Seth Aaron created a whackadoo outfit that was topped off with a kick ball hat. Irina created a pink strapless dress with huge flowers made from binders and folders. I thought it was very cute, but Elena hated it.

The bottom three were Jeffrey, Korto, and Mychael who ran out of time and ended up gluing construction paper on the bottom of his dress. Guest judge Gabourey Sidibe felt badly for him and said she could see the good work in the bust of his dress. Korto ran out of time as well. The top of her dress was really neat, but the bottom was badly proportioned and fell apart. Jeffrey actually stood up for his look, which was so ill fitting and ridiculous that it showed his model’s lady bits, tah tahs, and junk in the trunk. Why is this dude still here? Go home Jeffrey, you’re drunk.

The top three were Elena, whose regularly structured and color blocked aesthetic was redundant yet impressive, Christopher, whose bully sob story didn’t win over Isaac Mizrahi’s heart at all, and Viktor, whose design should be worn by Beyonce, said Sidibe. The winner turned out to Christopher, which was surprising because Georgina Chapman didn’t particularly love his use of scissors on the dress and Mizrahi felt manipulated into choosing him through the bully story.

Rather than sending home Jeffrey and making life easier for viewers, the producers wanted to keep that shit show around and the judges sent no one home this week. Yawn. What a cop-out.