‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Red Carpet Glam

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This week on Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the designers met at QVC headquarters where Isaac Mizrahi sells his collection to television viewers. The challenge this week was to design a red carpet gown that QVC spokesman Lisa Robertson could wear to a special event.

The winner would have their dress worn by Lisa for an awards gala and on a live broadcast as well as be sold on QVC. The competition was on and so the designers did the most creative thing ever, they all came up with the exact same dress.

Literally everyone sketch out a form fitted gown with a fish tale feature at the bottom. Elena used a fabric technique that revealed the bottom layer and created a fish scale look, but it didn’t turn out like she planned.

Viktor has been keeping a secret for seven years and wanted to reveal it on his original season of Project Runway, but didn’t have the courage back then. So he took the opportunity to spill the beans on All Stars to Elena and Seth Aaron. Viktor is HIV positive. This revelation was sensitive, but even more sad was that Viktor was only able to reveal it to two designers and in an awkward flash of a moment. Mondo Guerra, who was a guest judge this episode, was able to reveal his HIV status in a textile design challenge during his season and it seemed to have a positive impact on viewership and fans alike. Either way, Viktor’s reveal was courageous and should be commended.

Seth Aaron used gold and black fabric to create a fancy dress that photographed well, but made the model seem like she had a big butt. Mizrahi wasn’t impressed with that feature. Korto was using a fabric technique that Zanna didn’t like and so she changed it to a maxi dress look. Christopher used his torn fabric technique to create a navy blue gown with tulle bottom with Mizrahi raved over. Zanna warned Irina that her white gown was too bridal. The other problem was that Irina’s gown was too tight and the fabric kept ripping open.

The top three were Seth Aaron, Korto, and Christopher while the bottom three were Viktor, Elena, and Irina. The judges praised Korto and her adeptness in creating a new gown so quickly. She won the challenge while the judges sent Irina packing. I don’t think she deserved it. Do you agree with the judges decision to send Irina home?

By Chelsi Archibald

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