‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Putting On The Glitz’

Heidi Klum Hits NYC
The Lovely Lady Klum Looks Fab In New York City.
This week’s challenge allowed the last seven designers to lay their own drama aside and to focus on the real drama on the broadway stage. Get out your gasps, oohs, and awes queens! This takes fabulous to a whole new level!

They met Angela at Circle in Square Theater who explained to them the glitz and glammer of their next challenge. They were asked to design for the broadway musical ‘Godspell’ and center those pieces around a rich girl who ostentatiously dresses in gaudy over the top style. They also had to make separates so that the actors wearing the costume could change in and out of the pieces very easily. You can imagine the dreams of fantasy Austin Scarlett was having.

Jerell reflected on the sadness caused by Rami dismissal last week as many designers saw him as one of the best. It just goes to show you that anything goes and no one is ever truly safe.

Austin decided to design a dress that is reminiscent of Marie Antoinette. He used a fabulous brocade fabric with gold patterning. He added a fur stole in dark brown and an opulent hair piece. His model definitely looked over the top, snotty, and super broadway. Austin did freak out on Jerell for stealing his sewing machine. He has been very territorial lately and why is Jerell talking in the 3rd person now?

Mila was completely overwhelmed with all of Kenley and Kara’s friendly, obnoxious happiness. She hoped with all hope that one of them leaves. Mila decided to design a lime green striped skirt which was off kilter and a faux fur white rabbit like jacket with gold striped blouse. The top actually wasn’t too terrible, but the whole ensemble was a bit of a disaster. 

Jerell made a fabulous silver jacket, but added too much feathers to the cuffs and didn’t make the top three. He stayed safe in the middle. Kenley made a pretty rad looking red and white brocade jacket which was tailored very nicely. Unfortunately, she added another vintage whacky print in the skirt making the judges frown. 

Mondo turned out one amazing ensemble. The jacket he made was reminiscent of a smoking jacket, but with a feminine flair. Then he paired it with a gorgeous flowing dress and topped off the outfit with the perfect hair, makeup, and jewelry. 

Michael’s look was a chartreuse green skirt with a backless tank and a fabulous feathered hair piece. The judges like it, but it seems like they appreciated the drama of Austin and Mondo’s looks even more. They were just so broadway. Their pieces were the top two and ultimately Mondo took the win. These two are neck and neck. Some weeks they falter then they come back the next to knock one out of the park.  

Kara designed a red pencil skirt with a faux fur green stole. It was actually some of her best work and Isaac Mizrahi said that he liked it. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for the judges to stay happy and they sent her home. Let’s face facts, it was a long time coming. Poor Kara just couldn’t ever seem to get it together. As much as Mila just bugs everyone, she does know what her aesthetic is and she confidently executes it with the greatest of ease. Onto the next…