‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Put On Your Dancing Shoes’

November 2nd, 2012 // 1 Comment
Project Runway

In this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the designers met Carolyn Murphy at Nine West to discuss their next challenge. Luckily, it wasn’t another group challenge. Instead, the designers were asked to pick a shoe from a 70′s style shoe collection. Anthony Ryan was able to choose first and then he handed it off to Ivy, who chose a gold shoe.

Wendy Pepper wasn’t chosen last, which was a shock. But Andre was and he received the last shoe standing in purple. The designers were asked to create a piece that would allow their chosen shoe to shine and would be featured in the Nine West fall catalogue.

Uli says she was hidden behind the Iron Curtain and didn’t get to experience American Disco like the other designers. She opted to create a white dress with fringe. Wendy and Suede hit it off and formed a new friendship. Wendy created a very costumed looking outfit that featured a silver chain with rings which she had dangling from the back to the front like Suede’s wallet chain.

Laura Ashley struggled a bit with her silver and gold flowing jumpsuit, but managed to create an adorable glitter jacket. Ivy used an emerald green and gold combo to bring out the disco in her ensemble. She waited until the last minute to add embellishment and Casanova ended up helping her finish. Anthony Ryan didn’t think this was a wise competition move.

Casanova designed a pink mini dress with an open back and intricate woven feature. The judges really loved that way it popped with color on the runway.

At one point during the stressful workday, Kayne brought all the designers into the break room and lighted up a disco ball. They let loose and everything looked completely natural and not at all staged by the producers.

Speaking of Kayne, he created a J-Lo look that featured chevron tan and gold trousers with a gold glitter top. It was classy, but the judges weren’t into it and they placed him in the bottom three.Designers that were safe included Anthony Ryan with a gold color blocked cocktail dress, Emilio with his yellow and pink jumpsuit, Josh with his tourqoiuse blazer and trousers, Laura Ashley, and Suede with his ridiculous gold draped number. I was shocked he wasn’t in the bottom three when Kayne’s was much more intricate. Andre and Wendy were also in the bottom.

Ivy, Casanova, and Uli were in the top three. The judges loved Ivy’s silhouette, but felt that it needed to look a bit younger and she came in second place again. This is a common theme with Ivy and you can sense her frustration. Casanova was safe, but did not win because the judges loved the complex design of Uli’s white fringe dress. Hopefully next week Ivy will have more luck.

By Chelsi Archibald
  1. Gwen

    I think it’s only a matter of time before Ivy wins a challenge. It’s only the second episode, after all. She’s definitely a contender this season. I’m already looking forward to seeing what she’ll do next week. I won’t be home to watch the episode because I work late nights at DISH on Thursdays, but my Hopper is all set up to record it for me. It’s always nice knowing I have a new episode of Project Runway to come home to.

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