‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Punk Rock Showdown

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On the season opener of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars some of our favorite (and not so favorite) designers showed up to compete head to head for a prize package worth over $750,000.

There were some expected inclusions like Viktor, Daniel, Melissa, and Christopher Palu but then host Alyssa Milano introduced three more designers that already have wins under their belts and they aren’t afraid to show it.

Jeffrey from season 3, Irina from season 6, and Seth Aaron from season 7 consider themselves the top dogs due to their wins and for good reason. Other designers were Mychael from season 3, Ari who once was Andi from season 8, Korto from season 5, and crazy Ukranian Elena from season 10.

The designers met in the park where Alyssa informed them that for their first challenge they were to listen to Debbie Harry’s newest album and sketch looks inspired by punk rock with an added modern flair. Then they went to Mood where as a twist, they were to work for the entire challenge rather than go back to their usual work room. Total chaos ensued.

Marie Claire editor Zanna Rossi Roberts came in to critique them and help them stay on track. She was unsure of Elena’s poppy colored leather jacket and felt it looked like a racing jacket.

Then the designers sent their models to hair and makeup. This season’s makeup sponsor is a little unexpected. Mary Kay cosmetics showed up to the task and contributed to the prize package. Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman came back to judge alongside host Alyssa Milano.

The designers who landed in the middle of the runway pack were Daniel who created a bright pink feather belt, Mychael, Irina, Korto, , and Christopher.

The top three looks were Jeffrey’s, which was a flowing skirt with an edgy punk jacket top, Seth Aaron’s for his white leather jacket, and Elena’s neon pop colored backwards leather jacket. The bottom three were Melissa, Ari, and Viktor. Melissa’s vest didn’t wow the judges, but they liked her whacky blue dress underneath. Ari’s look was upscaled and polished, but didn’t reflect the challenge. Viktor’s grommet jacket was too chic and not enough punk which the judges wanted him to take up a notch.

As a surprise, Debbie Harry told the designers that the winner would have their design worn by her at her next event. She then chose Elena, who had been emotional from the start due to her father’s love of Harry’s music. Elena was overjoyed and broke down in tears, something we won’t see the end of anytime soon. She is a complete crazy pants.

When it came down to Viktor, who wore a hat made of plastic dinosaurs, and Ari, who recently began her new life as woman, the judges sent Ari packing. It’s too bad because her designs were great, but this competition is some serious business! Without any immunity it will be cool to see how these pros do.