Project Runway All Stars Recap: ‘Patterning For Piggy’

Miss Piggy's Wardrobe
See all of this guest judge's famous fashion moments.
This week on ‘Project Runway All Stars’, the monotone voice of Angela Lindvell announced with more enthusiasm than we’re used to that the remaining eleven designers would be designing for an international superstar. The subject in question has designers like Marc Jacobs, Prada, and Burberry design for her. 

Austin Scarlett immediately thinks, “Madonna, Cher or Lady Gaga” but instead the designers got something even better. They were challenged to design a flamboyant fun cocktail dress for Miss Piggy, who is supposedly still promoting the latest ‘Muppets’ movie. Some designers started to panic, like Anthony for instance and some became nervous. But there were others who totally rocked the pig style!

Austin and Gordona took on the color pink, but in completely different ways. Austin created a structured bodice with seams exposed and two giant pink bows on the sides. I personally appreciated the construction, but agreed with Georgina that the gray seemed to weigh it down. Gordona created a dress that was either sex kitten or junior kitten, one of the two. It was something you’d buy at the children’s dress shop in the mall or order from Frederik’s Of Hollywood. How do those two ever coincide? 

Drama began to ensue when Kara snatched Mondo’s pink gloves from the Neiman Marcus accessory wall. Mondo seems to have called ‘dibs’ on those gloves when he saw Kara walking towards them, but gave them up in the end. Later on, Kara had another accessory dispute with Austin, who wanted to use a pair of black glitter heels and pearl bracelets, but he too gave them away. These pretty boys are way too blasé, but it could be because they are both better designers. 

Joanna Coles is intimidating and comes off pretty bluntly. She could be the long lost sister of Tilda Swinton and I’m waiting for her to offer someone Turkish Delight and then turn them into stone.

Mila chose to do the most odd-60’s-mod-goth dress ever and it was obvious to everyone that it didn’t fit Miss Piggy’s style. Mila bothered me in her original ‘Project Runway’ season and she is back to being the same old Mila. Outside of color blocking, she doesn’t have much going on. In a way I hoped they would send her home for this blunder, but I knew it was never possible. The judges love Mila. 

Rami created a ridiculous and albeit flamboyant summer-southern-bell cocktail dress with pink and orange polka dots. It reminded me of a vamped up version of Julia Robert’s dress from ‘Pretty Woman’. Kara attempted a black number with a peep show cut out in the front and surprisingly, she pulled it off better than predicted. She is still obnoxious though. 

“Being a lady never goes out of style,” said Anthony. He made sure to include feathers on the bodice with black sheer striped fabric and an interesting train. April also surprised me with her Tim Burton-esque black dress, which seemed fun and whimsical. Shockingly, Mondo didn’t wow this week. His attempt at a 60’s cocktail dress in shiny orange fabric seemed more kitschy than classy. Jerell’s dress was floppy and messy. I’m surprised he wasn’t in the bottom three. 

Kenley always has nice attempts that are pleasant and sweet, but the top of her dress needed something different, perhaps a change in neckline. The tulle feature in the model’s hair was fun and different. Michael Costello had an interesting dress with structure and innovation, but it didn’t scream Miss Piggy and I was surprised that he won this challenge over Rami. In the end, the judges went with fashion over fun. Hopefully, the guest judges next week won’t have to deal with the kind of wrath Eric Daman received from the head hog.