‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘O! Say, Can You Sew?’

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A Look At Some Of 'Project Runway's' Craziest Challenges
Now that there are only six designers left, the truth about their abilities is starting to work its way through the seems. Kara was eliminated last week because she had a hard time keeping up, but honestly there are a couple more people that could just as easily go home without a tear shed. 

Angela had the designers gather on the lawn of the United Nations. We’d love to meet the guy that decided which country flags that designers would base their work from. It’s easy to see that he just threw some of those in there just to be an ass. The choices were few and far between, but each designer managed to pick a complete cliche of their character. 

Mondo went first and he chose the Jamaican flag due to its green, black and yellow colors. Then Michael Costello chose Greece, which is a complete no brainer. He is Greek, loves to drape everything he designs and he knew he wouldn’t be eliminated with a ‘challenge’ like this one.

Elrond the Elder aka Mila aka female version of Agent Smith, chose the black and red flag from Papua New Guinea. What a shock of color block! Jerell chose India, which was somewhat endearing because at the very least he is willing to take on a risky task. 

Austin went with Seychelles because honestly, why the heck not? It’s Austin and he isn’t afraid of anything. Kenley was last to pick and got stuck with Chile. 

Joanna Coles is worthless as a Tim Gunn stand in. Sorry, but it’s true. She doesn’t say anything of value and she is the editor of a fashion magazine? She just stands around and points out the obvious with a British accent. Nina Garcia would have been the absolute coolest, most helpful and honestly brutal alternative. 

Mondo made a sleek black dress with a detailed yellow and green patterned back piece. It was absolutely flawless. You could definitely see a fabulous star wearing his dress on the red carpet of their latest film premiere. Austin had an anxiety attack in which he attempted to throw yellow and turquoise fabric together. It was better than other pieces, but a bit sad. Michael Costello relied too much on his bad habits and looked as if he didn’t even put effort forth on his white draped gown with a velvet royal blue bow.

Mila did a repeat of last week in which half of her dress was long and the other half short. Her ideas are interesting, but never seem to work out. Jerell looked like he was going in the right direction but fell flat when he over accessorized and put extra green fabric over his piece. It was tragic at best. Kenley was surprisingly spot on and original. Her heart polka dot top and ruffled red skirt were very Chilean with a current twist. It was a surprise to everyone, including Isaac Mizrahi who gave her one last warning about any repeats on her 1950’s party dress.

In the end Mondo won because he has amazingly original ideas and is able to execute them with the greatest of ease. Mila hit the road instead of Jerell because the judges recognize his willingness to try new things and take risks. Mila’s one note song won’t be missed.