‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Marge Simpson’s Dress

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Life imitating art.

In the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, the designers were challenged by Marge Simpson the cartoon to make an evening dress that she could wear on a dinner date with her husband Homer Simpson.

The winning look would be featured in an episode of The Simpsons. The cartoon influence was inspiring for some and completely misinterpreted by other designers.

For instance, Jeffrey and Seth Aaron who are both winners of their respective seasons, decided to create dresses that looked straight out of a cartoon and didn’t even try to adapt them to reality. Jeffrey chose a purple and glitter fabric that was cheesy and cheap looking while Seth Aaron continued to create several different looks, each one worse than the last.

Christopher struggled to get his look the way he wanted. He chose a floral print and decided to cinch the waist with a leather belt. He tried to discuss his troubles with Viktor, but was brushed off. Viktor was still bummed out that he landed in the bottom last week and felt that Christopher was partly to blame. Later on, Viktor came to terms with his issues and forgave Christopher.

The bottom three designers were Jeffrey, for his purple sparkle cheap fabric, Seth Aaron, for his ill-constructed drape dress, and Christopher, for his lazy floral day dress with a belt. The top three designers were Elena, for her black constructed jacket and red dress, Korto, for her modern black cocktail dress, and Irina for her flowing purple dress that seems to fit Marge Simpson’s style to a T.

In the end the judges finally sent Jeffrey packing who deserved the chopping block ages ago. Irina was named the winner, which was perfect because her dress screamed Marge. Elena was very close to winning, but I’m glad she didn’t just because we would have heard about it from here on out in between her anxiety attacks.