‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Made In The USA Today’

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In this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, Carolyn Murphy stepped out of TARDIS in a space age dress with flippers and told the designers that they were going to compete in the first ever interactive fan challenge. This is just another one of the producers’ whacky ideas in order to generate more advertising, but hey, whatever works.

Back at the workroom, Joanna Coles introduces them to the head of the style section for USA Today. The designers are to choose one of the many photos fans have sent in via Twitter and then design a piece surrounding the concept of the photo. Since Emilio won last’s week challenge and immunity, he gets to go first and choose someone to go with him. His pick is an interesting choice.

Emilio chooses Casanova, which is interesting because he hasn’t really given us any standout moments yet this season. Casanova is like a cartoon character and was brought back purely for personality reasons, which no one is angry about. Emilio says that Casanova is just a nice guy with no anterior motive and deserves to choose first. We love you Emilio!

Emilio chooses a picture of an adorable little girl from California named Sophie who is wearing a vintage style yellow dress. Althea picks a photo based on the architecture and because it reminds her when her husband proposed. Laura Kathleen, one of the last chosen due to her rich bitch commentary lately, finds a photo of water rippling and the outcome is amazing. Joshua loved a photo of a bright red, orange, yellow, and blue spray painted gas gage or something. Andre saw a photo of a beautifully forlorn girl from Atlanta and although his intentions were sweet, it didn’t work out so great.

People have been giving Laura Kathleen crap about her naive snobbery and for good reason. But from what I gathered in her past season, she seems like a pretty nice person all around. The initial first impression is a bit shaky though and Joshua tells her to chill out a bit.

Althea randomly decided to create a pantsuit in khaki and in a sad disaster creates a drop crotch draped pant that looks the worst. Isaac Mizrahi isn’t pleased at all. Emilio created a very different looking yellow gown with a drop waste and a huge 5-yard fabric skirt. Anthony Ryan chose a photo that looked really cool with metal bars in front of a white grate of some sort. He created this amazing blue and white dress with a see through cut out in the front, a high neck line, and a low back with black straps. It was fabulous. We also found out that Anthony Ryan once had cancer, but made it out okay. That is the saddest and most emotional personal story since Mondo Guerra’s AIDS reveal.

Kayne designed a red dress that was pretty and well tailored, but boring. Andre came up with an odd sports style dress with interchangeable zipper panels in bright green and orange. Joshua made a pretty neat structured top out of red, orange, and yellow which could have been awesome with a dark navy trouser pant or a black power skirt, but he oddly paired it with a flowing silk sky blue skirt. It was a shame because the top could have been fabulous.

The guest judges were Charlotte Ronson and some teenage chick with a rich dad and a fashion blog. Pretty odd. Andre was in trouble and they let him go. He is actually a really nice, positive, funny guy. It won’t be the same without him.

The judges loved Emilio’s design and raved over Anthony Ryan’s dress and Laura Kathleen’s gown which was dyed to perfection to imitate the flow of water. In the end, I think USA Today wanted a good story to go along with the design and chose Anthony Ryan’s for it’s impeccable nature and for his emotional backstory. Good on him.