‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Knocking It Down To Three

The Many Tears Of Season 9
Remember The Insane Drama From Last Season With Josh?
This week Angela told the designers that they needed to get their heads out of the clouds and start thinking in business terms. They were mentored by Nanette Lepore, who priced their commercial design and then gave them a budget based on how that item would retail in the store. Every designer had to scrimp, but their designs still retailed at over $300. 

Mondo can’t draw and don’t bring it up either because he will freak out. Kenley, who’s terribly blasé’ nasally voice just grinds on every soul in America had to be ‘that guy’ and talk smack on Mondo’s sketching skills. But someone shouldn’t be throwing stones when she can’t match up a pattern to save her life.

Austin decided to go with a versatile raincoat, trench coat which had the ability to twirl or tie. The construction was off, but the piece was most usable and could be easily sold in a designer shop for commercial retail. 

Michael went with a green draped beach resort caftan, which admittedly looked beautiful with the coral jewelry and gold gladiator sandals. But the honest truth is that hardly anyone can wear Costello’s designs unless they are a supermodel. In a perfect world…

Kenley chose an adorable print with a peacock feathers which seemed vibrant until she made a boring old house dress out of it and managed to mismatch the pattern in her seam work. This isn’t new. Kenley likes retro styles from the 50’s and 60’s. She loves an A-line skirt with a high neck and short sleeves. You have to hand it to her for staying true to her aesthetic both in design and in her one personal style. But she is a one note tune. 

Mondo had yet another anxiety attack and refused to actually create until after his critique by Joanna, who by the way seems to know very little considering she is a the Editor-in-chief for Marie Claire. Yet, as with all things Mondo he managed to put out pure genius. It may not be everyone’s style, but it was easy to see Forever 21 copying that piece and slapping it on their racks for $15. And it’s easy to see that teen girls would be wearing it with flip flops around the outdoor mall in the summer. For this reason and for the fact that he managed to take like six separate fabrics and make them cohesive, he won the challenge yet again. Austin perhaps should have won instead, but it’s not really important. We always knew these two would be in the finale.  

Kenley was warned by Isaac Mizrahi last week and the week before that she had better change up her game, but Kenley doesn’t care and so she was out for the count. It’s for the best because it will be fantastic watching Austin and Mondo create actual collections and hilarious watching Michael Costello whip up his randomness after creating millions of pieces he can’t decide upon until the last minute. And then here were three.