‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Green Dress For Red Carpet’

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For this week’s challenge on Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, Carolyn Murphy met the designers on the top of New York City’s High Line Park. Also with her were Joshua David and Robert Hammond, co-founders of Friends of the High Line. The challenge was to use eco-friendly fabrics to create a red carpet look and Carolyn sweetened the deal by letting the designers know that she would be wearing the winning design. Oh, and that this week’s guest judge was non other than Diane Von Furstenberg, Laura Kathleen’s idol.

Since Emilio won last week’s challenge he was able to choose the first fabric, a blood orange chiffon. Then he passed the fabrics off to the rest of designers. Anthony Ryan chose a vibrant electric blue, Ivy chose gold, Casanova chose a pink and red reversible plaid fabric, Joshua chose a dark teal color, Laura Kathleen chose a red, blue, and creme reversible fabric, Uli chose blue, and that left Althea with pink and purple.

Next up, the designers were able to recycle feathers, embellishments, and trimmings from past competitions. Uli utilized some blue feathers in a big way. Anthony Ryan wasn’t interested in any of them.

Ivy was pretty ambitious and started to cut fabric for an elaborate sunburst gown, but when time ran out fast she cut the dress short and tried to finish it as best she could. Emilio’s gown gave him a lot of trouble also, which is a shame because his model looked gorgeous in the orange color. He ended up sending her down the runway with a frayed hem and was truly embarrassed.

Laura Kathleen was really focused this challenge and wanted to impress DVF. She created a jumper style pantsuit which more appropriately is referred to by Diane as a palazzo pant. It was adorable hearing Diane reminisce about being in Rome with her boyfriend so many years ago. Laura Kathleen’s ensemble had strong shoulders and perfect gold embellishment.

Anthony Ryan did well yet again by creating a blue draped gown with a deep-v neckline. DVF loved it and so did Carolyn and Isaac Mizrahi. Uli created a short dress with pockets and the feathers gave it that extra charm. Luckily, Emilio and Casanova were safe. But Emilio was in the bottom three with Althea and Ivy.

Althea’s dress was beautifully constructed, but the fabric was awful and she may have been too ambitious. Ivy’s dress looked terrible. Emilio was criticized to no end, but made it out alive. All the judges were disappointed by Ivy’s construction as she is usually very impeccable in her designs. In the end, the judges sent Althea home for over-contructing and probably because she has stayed in the middle for most of the competition whereas Ivy has been doing better. Such a shame because Althea seems like a great person and a very talented designer.

The judges did give a wonderful gift to Laura Kathleen by naming her the winner, which was nice to see yet a little predictable. Laura Kathleen’s design was such a copy of DVF’s signature, but whatever. Good for her.