‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Flapper Fashion Face-Off’

Chelsi Archibald | December 21, 2012 - 12:00 pm

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This week on Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, Carolyn Murphy told the designers that they were pairing up for a fashion face-off. It was kind of like that hit movie from the nineties entitled Face/Off, except sadly there was no terrible acting by Nic Cage and nobody actually had their face removed. Instead, designers were asked to create a look with a modern take on the famous decadence of the 1920’s. Guest judges consisted of Gretchen Mol from Boardwalk Empire and Jenny Packham, who designed that fab turquoise dress for Kate Middleton.

Emilio and Joshua were paired up to design for a garden party, the two blondes Laura Kathleen and Uli designed for an evening soiree, and Anthony Ryan and Ivy designed for an after hours speakeasy. For this challenge they were given $250 to spend at Mood, which is much more than they are usually given. Some used that money wisely and others wasted it on $150 per yard fabric. Cough Cough Ivy.

Ivy immediately set out to complicate this challenge well beyond measure by spending all of her money on an elaborately beautiful black beaded fabric and then cutting it up into shreds in order to create a chevron pattern. Ivy is frustrating to watch because she is most certainly talented, but she really over thinks everything which ends up being very underwhelming by the time she finishes a piece.

Anthony Ryan created a feather cape-let to go over his modern take on a beaded flapper dress. Joanna Coles loved it, but asked Ivy what she would rate his work on a scale of 1-10. Ivy said that Anthony’s look is a 5. Wow.

Emilio and Joshua have similar aesthetic and worried whether or not they would clash by choosing similar fabrics. Joshua decided to create a purple, florescent green, and gray drop waisted dress. He then added a brooch, floral shows and a clutch to the look. Emilio thought it was overdone.

Emilio’s look was more art deco and late 20’s, possibly even pushing the 30’s. He chose a light blue and gray geometric print and then created a dress that was fitted on the waist and went below the knee. He then added lace on the back. If there is one thing Emilio is great at, it is choosing colors that look stunning on his model. Or perhaps she just looks amazing in everything?

Laura Kathleen seemed to be on the track when she started a burgundy silk and velvet pair of trousers with a fabulously beaded top. Uli decided to go with her strength, even though it has been overdone and she embellished her dress by adding white fringe to the bottom. Out of all the looks, Uli’s was most recognizably ‘flapper’. Laura Kathleen criticized Uli by saying that she isn’t a deigned, but a stylist because she just adds stuff to fabric instead of designing a strong piece. Whatever LK, you and your thousands of trousers can zip it.

Judges loved Anthony Ryan, Uli, and Emilio. They also loved Joshua’s look and found it to be rather impeccable even though he was technically in the bottom three. Ivy and Joshua are the only designers left who have yet to win a challenge. Ivy and Laura Kathleen were the bottom two. In the end, Anthony Ryan won the challenge even though Uli was a very close second.

The judges were confused at Laura’s choice to put a furr vest over her beaded top, which they considered to be the best part of her look. They criticized her for choosing fabric that made the model’s crotch area look weird. Ivy’s look was heavy and dowdy, which was odd because she used such an amazing fabric. She still managed to create something an elderly woman might wear and she didn’t use enough of feathers on the bottom hem to really make an impact. The judges gave her a break and sent Laura Kathleen packing.

I’m perplexed by this because I don’t remember anything amazing from Ivy this entire season. At least LK impressed Diane Von Furstenberg a few episode back.