‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Fashion Trends For Fashion Bloggers

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On the latest episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, Nina Garcia came by to pay the designers a visit. The challenge was to create a look for some popular fashion bloggers that was on point and on trend.

The designers were also asked to incorporate Pantone’s 2014 color, radiant orchid. But first, they had to choose their muse.

Korto was the winner from last week and decided to choose a girl from New Jersey named Carli. Korto designed a crisp white business suit with fitted pants and a structured tank blouse. She used pops of radiant orchid in the blouse which barely peeked through. Carli brought along her own accessories, shoes, and plans for hair and makeup. Nina wasn’t psyched on the accessories, which bummed Carli out. But she did love Korto’s design.

Christopher Palu chose Fluer from London and designed an olive green trench dress with overlaying gold lace detail. London was thrilled and loved the look. He created a clutch in the Pantone color to accessorize the look. Nina gave him a hard time, comparing the color to seaweed and he started pouting and being all bitchy about. I don’t remember Palu being so moody on his original seasons, but that shit is getting old fast.

Seth Aaron chose a blogger named Gigi, a transgender beauty from Ontario. He designed a sporty black dress and used radiant orchid in the color blocking. Everyone was very bored by Seth Aaron’s look and Mizrahi said he expected better from him, I’m assuming because he won his original season. Although Seth Aaron hasn’t created anything of note this season.

Elena paired with a blogger named Dolce from California. She created a peplum jacket that she thought Nina would like, but had to refit it to match her petite model. She freaked out, but recovered in time to show a beautiful piece. Nina wasn’t too hard on her, but wasn’t entirely wowed either.

Viktor also chose a blogger from Cali named Jarmaine. He initially designed a jumper pantsuit for her, but decided against it and created a 50’s style strapless silhouette. He then paired it with the white leather jacket he had created with the pantsuit. The judges didn’t like the pairing and asked him to take the jacket off, but guest judge Christian Siriano loved his peek-a-boo fabric technique.

The judges loved Korto’s ensemble and gave her the challenge win. The bottom two were Christopher and Viktor. Ultimately, Viktor was sent home and instead of being a good friend and staying gracious for Viktor’s sake, Christopher continued to act super bitchy. Get over yourself Christopher. The snobby attitude isn’t doing you any favors.