‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Fashion Face Off’

Project Runway's Past
Remember the drama from last season? O.M.G!
If you want to see your favorite designers ramp up the drama, this season is an absolute gold mine of insanity. Favorite debonair characters like Austin Scarlett’s eyebrows, Mondo Guerra’s very rare but adorable tears and Kenley’s constantly obnoxious spinning spinning spinning make for the ultimate chaos showdown. 

This episode, designers were challenged to choose a handbag which contained a specific season and then pair up for the ultimate showdown of fashion fabulousness. Mondo was paired with Kenley for summer. Austin was paired with Kara for spring. Mila was paired with Rami for fall and Michael Costello was paired with Jerell for winter. Que the drah-mah!

Automatically, Jerell started to design one stunner of a winter coat. Of course, Michael Costello is exceptionally talented at seeing something and then trying to one up it and you have to give the boy credit because he often succeeds. This did not sit well with Jerrell or Mondo, whose stomach was trying to properly process a grotesque looking plate of spaghetti while the two dueling designers duked it out. 

Mondo designed a pair of trouser shorts with large black buttons and a polka dot top. Kenley created a 50’s style light blue polka dot jumper, which let’s be honest here, would not look good on any regular body type. But since these people design for models, it actually turned out pretty cute and it made the judges drool. It’s too bad however, that Kenley has been annoying everyone in sight on this show lately and never shuts her nasally sounding trap. 

Mila went with her signature style aka boring. While the judges admired her attempt to create a fancy london style cape, she went too drab as per usual. Rami designed a pretty killer jacket, but he never knows when to say when and he just kept adding neon green fabric all over the place. 

Austin’s designs have been somewhat unimpressive this season. However, he absolutely cannot be sent home because his facial expressions are half the reason anyone watches the show. His pink cardigan with floral blouse was very bland, but Issac Mizrahi loved his high wasted trousers. Austin’s designs tend to be hit or miss, but no one can deny that he is just fabulous all around. 

Meanwhile, Kara designed a very boring, basic trouser and blouse set for a mother visiting Palm Springs and while it seemed that the judges criticism was a little harsh, the outfit didn’t really scream fashion. The stunner of all fashion pieces on this episode was Georgina Chapman’s impeccable white blazer. Is she real life?! And can someone explain to me why anyone cares about what Cynthia Rowley has to say? 

Michael Costello denied his imitation of Jerrell’s design, which was so bohemian and fresh and adorable that of course it won the challenge. Costello is a pretty nice guy and he most definitely has talent, but his whining is the absolute worst.

However, the complete heartbreak of it all was not that Rami was sent home, but that Mondo started crying when he was criticized by the judges. It seriously broke my heart. I just wanted to put him in some cuddly footy pajamas, give him a teddy bear and let him have some ice-cream before tucking him into bed. He is just too sweet and cute for words. He needs to toughen up though, because this show must go on.