‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: Creepy Crawler Avant Garde

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Avant garde or just really weird?

On this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, Alyssa Milano had the designers meet at the Museum of Natural History.

The challenge? The designers were to pick an insect or arachnid that inspired them and create an avante gard look that would be banging on the runway.

Since crazy Ukranian Elena won last week’s challenge, she had the privilege of picking out her inspiration before the other designers. She chose a grass hopper. Then the rest of the designers were set loose to decide. Melissa picked a tarantula. Mychael picked a green caterpillar. Jeffrey picked a scorpion. Daniel picked a crazy ass brown bug that I don’t have the name for.

Elena was going cray cray in Mood because she lost her sketch from the museum. This girl is loud, dramatic, bipolar, and super annoying. Christopher Palu seems to already want to slap some sense into her.

When Zanna came into the workroom for critiques Elena didn’t even have anything to show her. When Elena’s model came in she had nothing to measure or fit her into. She even had the model measuring out and marking fabric.

Melissa had big ideas and Zanna kind of shot them down. This led to Melissa redoing her entire dress and creating something more simple and not nearly avant garde.

The top three designers were Mychael, Elena, and Irina. Irina had the bumble bee centipede or millipede or some type of pede. And she created the most dramatic of all the looks on the runway. Mychael revamped his idea and made an amazing cape over his gray dress with bits of neon green peaking through. Elena’s coat looked surprisingly amazing and reflected the exact image of the grasshopper.

Melissa, Daniel, and Jeffrey were in the bottom. Melissa sent down a plain black dress with a little flair, but not nearly enough. Daniel’s gown was poorly designed, the fabric looked inexpensive, and the taste level was questioned. Speaking of which, one of the Project Runway’s past winners guest judged. Anya, who somehow managed to beat two amazing designers and win season 9, questioned Daniel’s taste level when she used bedsheets for her resort wear collection. Zip it Anya.

Jeffrey tried to defend his wackadoo outfit that was somehow patterned after the scorpion. His scarf was nixed by the judges immediately. Isaac Mizrahi was almost angry when Jeffrey tried to explain his way out of the mess. He sent his model with an executioner’s hood over her face.

In the end, the judges made Mychael the winner for his amazing gray and green piece. They placed Melissa in the bottom for her lack of avant garde and Daniel for his design and construction. They sent Daniel home, who is one of the funnest and sweetest guys to ever be on the show, but who cannot design for younger people to save his life.