‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Clothes Off Your Back’

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In what must be the funniest episode this season, the designers on Project Runway All Stars were challenged to find a muse and inspiration in Union Square, New York City and then disrobe them! As in, take the clothing off their backs in broad daylight. 

Anthony was immediately on board with this and made sure to find the hottest body around to strip down to his skivvies. Austin Scarlett wasn’t far behind. He too wanted more than just the underpants on that chiseled babe. 

It was interesting to witness how different designers took on this challenge. While Anthony did flirt with everyone he could find, he ended up with some zany polyester fabric that befuddled his design and gave him real hardship back in the sewing room. 

Austin Scarlett ended up using the most adorable muse around, a Lady Gaga look alike named Jaime who had a penchant for studded jackets and long black fingernails. He totally rocked the look. 

Kenley went for something completely obvious in black in white stripes, but turned out a great dress which was totally fabulous. Mila made a kick ass pair of women’s pants out of some dude’s jeans and Kara actually pieced a look together that was pleasant all around. The only trouble with this women alliance trio was that Kenley finished Kara’s navy blue trousers for her and that’s a big no-no. One can only hope that Kara goes home soon because she is a major succubus. Not only did she steal Mondo and Austin’s accessories in the last episode, but she never turns out anything particularly stellar. 

Jerell made a ridiculous outfit that had a fantastic shoulder piece but was quoted by the useless hockey star fashionisto Sean Avery as a combination of “Lady Gaga and Gwen Stefani on acid at burning man”. This single sentence should have gotten Jerell the win. But in all seriousness, it was a complete mess. Luckily, Georgina is a complete genius and was able to see the merits in the outfit despite its confusion. 

Michael Costello has gotten past the point of lovable and has crash landed in annoying-as-shit land. His fake freak out reactions to being ‘loved’ by the judges are just too much to handle. His fake crying when Anthony was dismissed was an insult. He is a sweet guy, but at this point he needs to grow a pair and own his talent. His crappy camel toe jumpsuit was just unrealistic and he knows it. Not all of his throw togethers turn out for the best. 

Rami made some impeccable pieces showing off his talent but overdid the accessorizing. In a way you have to feel a little badly for Rami because he is so quiet and content, but usually underrated by the judges. His pieces are impeccable but not entirely innovating. Nonetheless, his work is admirable and he will be a definite contender this season. 

Mondo has been anchoring for a win and he brought out the big guns for this challenge. His blazer was out of control amazing as well as the patterned stripes on his skirt. His little adorable muse Grace better be proud as ever that the decent outfit she bought at H&M evolved into a stunner. It was a close race between Mondo and Austin, but let’s face facts; These two are possibly the most talented of our All Star cast and I’m just dreaming of a world wherein they are besties for life anyhow.