‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘Bonnie & Clyde’

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On this week’s episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, actors from the mini series Bonnie & Clyde challenged the designers to pair up and create looks inspired by the 1930’s. The winner got a chance to appear on a new Lifetime Original film. Bar Rafaeli stopped by the guest judge.

Designers Mychael, Jeffrey, and Korto were especially grateful to be there as they almost went home last week.

Christopher was the winner from last week and was able to choose his partner first. He chose Viktor. This left Seth Aaron to pair up with Jeffrey, Irina to pair up with Mychael, and Korto to pair up with Elena who assumed no one wanted to work with her because she is intimidating. Yeah, that’s the reason Elena. It’s not that you’re totally bat shit insane or anything like that, no, not at all.

Elena and Korto decided to keep it modern and sporty with touches of inspiration from the 30’s while Seth Aaron and Jeffrey wanted their looks to be very inspired by the era. Each pairing had a designer for womens wear and one for men’s wear. Jeffrey immediately took on the mens wear half of his partnership. The only problem was that his male model hadn’t updated his measurement in a year on his modeling card and had been pumping iron since then. When he came in for a fitting Jeffrey realized his tweed coat was too small and flipped his shit.

Irina and Mychael went more glamorous and old hollywood for their looks. She created a fitted flowing skirt and gold sequined strapless top. Then she finished the look with a leather jacket. Mychael used gold and black leather to create a bomber jacket he said was a mix between Cary Grant and James Dean. And it did seem like a mash of those two actors, but in an odd way.

Viktor decided to add fringe to the back of his menswear jacket while Christopher designed a burgundy dress with a leather belt that wrapped around his model’s back and around her shoulders. Seth Aaron’s look was very dramatic, with purple wool for a jacket and skirt and black straps which made it seem bondage looking.

The top three designers were Jeffrey, Christopher, and Irina while the bottom were Seth Aaron, Viktor, and Mychael. Korto and Elena landed right smack in the middle, which I found odd seeing as Elena’s coat was terribly ugly with that flowing caplet thing. In an odd twist of fate, Jeffrey became the winner after weeks of being in the bottom and when he should have gone home last week. Whatever.

The bottom two came down to Viktor and Mychael with Mychael being sent home for his cheesy costume-like bomber jacket. He didn’t deserve to go and neither did Viktor. Jeffrey should have been gone long ago. But hey, you win some you lose some right?