‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘An Unconventional Nightmare Before Christmas’

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Project Runway

This week’s challenge was the one that every designer loves to hate. On this episode of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars, it was all about the unconventional challenge in which designers must create a runway look from odd materials. In past seasons, designs have been created with items from the dollar store, the candy store, and even the hardware store. Carolyn Murphy informs the designers from this season that they’ll be creating from a Christmas shop. Emilio is not pleased.

Immediately, creative designers go to town and get excited at the chance to make something unique. The rules are that the piece can’t be a direct copy of the Christmas theme. Anthony Ryan gets psyched to design for the guest judge Kylie Minogue. Uli grabs anything silver or gold or glitter. Emilio grabs purple everything and Joshua grabs something he least expects.

Upon opening a tube of fabric, Joshua finds that he has purchased a small Hanukkah wall hanging made of felt. He decides to use ribbon to make some hot pants that will compliment his structured top. His designs was unique and featured choo-choo-train shoulders.

Ivy and Casanova start to help each other once again. Casanova is struggling to find a look he loves and changes it up at least three times. Ivy is working on a gold dress with twig like gold embellishments. Ivy is super talented, but I certainly don’t find her to be innovative. I think Althea was more innovative than Ivy’s boring ideas.

Anthony Ryan is creating a piece with the same colors as Uli, which makes Ivy assume he is a copy cat. His piece has a lot of glittered branches and gold leafing which cascade down the front of the dress into the perfect length, finished off with mirrored trim. He is designing it as a stage costume for Kylie Minogue and she ends up really liking it. Uli’s piece is more structured, with the different elements placed very specifically on the front of the dress while leaving the sides open with silver mesh.

Emilio’s piece at first seems like it will be great. He shows Joanna Coles a neckline that features butterflies and is reminiscent of Alexander McQueen. But by the end of the episode, Emilio has scrapped the butterflies altogether and sends a purple ribbon dress down the runway.

Laura Kathleen only wants to win because a classy watch is this week’s prize. To be fair, her gown was in the top three and for good reason, but it seemed heavy and Isaac Mizrahi felt that it made the model look fat.

By some great miracle Emilio was safe, leaving Ivy, Casanova, and Joshua in the bottom three. Joshua has been perplexing this season. After being robbed in his regular season after a fantastic runway show, we haven’t really seen anything amazing from him this season. I think he is being outshines by Anthony Ryan, whose talent is just off the charts. The judges hate Joshua’s hot pants, but praise his structured top and deem him safe. It comes down to Ivy and Casanova who have been attached at the hip. Casanova’s rigamarole dress made of leftovers doesn’t cut it and he is sent packing.

Between Uli and ANthony Ryan, the judges choose Uli and she is very excited. Her talents were perfect for this challenge and she is such a delight to witness that audiences must have loved seeing her win yet again. Onto next week!

By Chelsi Archibald

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