‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: ‘All Stars And Stripes’

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We are down to the last four on Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars and the competition is getting tough. Last week Ivy finally went down with her dowdy boring ship and now we have Emilio, Anthony Ryan, Joshua, and Uli left. This week Carolyn Murphy met the designers on an aircraft carrier and paired each of them with a female veteran. Guest judge this week was the ever lovely Katie Holmes.

Uli was paired with Jessica from the Marines, Joshua was paired with Leslie from the Army, Emilio was paired with Lisa from the Navy, and Anthony Ryan was paired with Donna from the Air Force. Uli’s client loved the dress she was wearing and requested that she make one similar for her friend’s wedding. Then Joshua became emotional thinking about his own veteran brother.

Because Josh is so inspired by Leslie, he really takes this task to heart and begins by buying her some black and white leopard print, then dying it a dark green color. Anthony Ryan is amused that Joshua keeps asking for his opinion about the dye color, but he also seems flattered.

Anthony Ryan’s female veteran is a gorgeous full figured woman with dark hair and olive skin. He picks out an ombre fabric and has the top start in dark gray then graduate down to light gray and white. Unfortunately, he doesn’t exactly know how to get the proportions right and it’s a little disappointing.

Emilio’s veteran is a beautiful dark skinned girl who wants a bright yellow dress for her friend’s bachelorette party in Vegas. Emilio nails the color, which pops on Lisa’s skin, but he gets flustered with the technique and starts over with a whole new dress.

Uli’s girl is very easy going and chooses a dress which Uli is a pro at making. It’s flowing, black and white, and fits the veteran beautifully on the bustling and drapes perfectly down her back. The judges loved the easy feel of Uli’s gown.

The judges were also very impressed with Joshua’s final product, a short and fun black mini dress that showed off Leslie’s prosthetic leg and had a peep effect on the bottom hemline. Katie Holmes loved the look of Joshua’s dress and complimented him on making something that fit both Leslie’s body and her personality. The judges named Joshua the challenge winner.

The bottom two were Anthony Ryan, whose dress was lovely other than the fact that it didn’t support Donna’s bust at all and Emilio, whose yellow dress was beautiful, but ill constructed and looked like he threw it together last minute. Emilio has been giving us some pretty lame stuff the past couple of weeks and seems to be losing his steam, whereas Anthony Ryan has been really showing off his talent.

In the end, the judges couldn’t choose someone to send home and they let both designers stay. Big shock right? No, Project Runway has been keeping a final four as a ‘surprise’ for the past few seasons. It will be amazing to see what collections these designers come up with.