‘Project Runway All Stars’ Recap: A Digital Frontier

Miss Piggy Guest Judges
The Ultimate Fashion Diva Shows The Designers Who Is Boss
Garrett Hedlund move over, the Project Runway All Stars are taking Tron fashion to a whole new level. This week Angela told designers that they needed both innovation and technology to design in this day and age. The crew were challenged to design an avante garde look using lighting technology for a black lit runway. Time to get your glow on!

Angela also dropped some underwhelming news on the designers. The guest judge was described as a musician/designer who had worked with BeyonceMadonna, and had an amazing fashion line as well as the recent title of best dressed man on earth. The obvious conclusions would be Kanye WestJay Z, and P Diddy. Instead audiences got the most boring surprise of the century. 

Pharrell Williams. He is handsome, but his ‘best dressed’ award is an insult to GQ men everywhere. He showed up to judging with a baseball cap and a button up. Boo. 

Immediately, Austin Scarlett started twirling and whirling, snatching up fiber optic fairy lights and tulle. His plan was to design something a heavenly goddess would wear as she gave birth to the cosmos. If only it could have been half as interesting as a Lady Gaga music video, but alas no crowing heads. 

Mondo went streamlined and inlayed the lights within the seems of his Madonna-esque booby-licious mini dress. The judges felt that his dress was safe and resembled costumes from Tron. Well duh, when you give these artists a challenge they are more than likely to follow through with it. Honestly, it’s anyone’s guess what the judges are looking for with these bizarre challenges. 

Kenley decided to go completely nutso crazy out-of-the-box with drum roll…. plaid! No way! It’s not like she used a shit ton of plaid in her premiere season, but whatever. Mondo so graciously pointed this out in his confessional. It’s obvious that Mondo absolutely abhors Kenley and who wouldn’t with that nasally annoying voice she has?

Jerell went with fiber optics and tried to really push the envelope. His skirt was very tribal, which has essentially become his signature this season. But unfortunately, he went overboard with the accessorizing yet again. 

Michael Costello is extremely talented, but he has absolutely no vision. Kenley mentioned his ability to create five or six looks and then choose the best of them all. However, this backfired when he chose a samurai ensemble which look like a teenager created it from duct tape for high school prom. Mondo said his model looked like an Ewok. 

Pharell liked Kenley’s plaid 50’s style dress with the white square cut structured top. But he loved Austin’s ethereal piece and gave him the challenge win. It was either Michael’s samurai death trap or Jerell’s tribal repeat that would serve as the nail in the coffin. If the audience has learned anything from past Michael Costello seasons, the judges absolutely love him. Jerell bit the dust and went home. C’est la vie.