‘Project Runway All Stars’ Premiere Recap

Finally, after a long wait and exaggerated hype, ‘Project Runway All Stars’ premiered showing off the series’ best and brightest designers from beginning to present. Actually, there are a couple great designers and the rest are complete hacks, but it’s reality TV and the producers aren’t above creating juicy drama. 

The craziest thing about the All Stars is the new set of judges and the boring Heidi Klum replacement. Issac Mizrahi is hilarious and has stepped in for Michael Kors. He may be trying too hard during his evaluations, but they are still funny. Then we have the absolutely breath taking Georgina Chapman, co-founder of Marchesa, whose dresses are amazing. Heidi Klum has been switched out with random model Angela Lindvall, who is certainly trying but not nearly as adorable. Then, the horror of all horrors, they’ve replaced Tim Gunn with Marie Claire editor-in-chief Joanna Coles. Snore…

Enter the fabulous designers, i.e. Mondo Guerra and Austin Scarlett. Mondo’s constant wardrobe changes are not only fascinating but just plain adorable. Austin is so ridiculous that he comes off as completely brilliant, like an Andy Warhol or Salvador Dali type. Every facial expression he gives is absolute gold. 

The designers brought a recent piece of work to send down the runway as a preview of the season and had thirty minutes to accessorize their models with the Nieman Marcus accessory wall. The prizes this season are off the charts! The winning designer will receive their own boutique in select Nieman Marcus stores and online, a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine as well as a position of guest editor for one year. They will compete for $100,000 office design suite from HP and a cash prize of $100,000. 

The designers were welcomed to their new space with a video featuring Valentino and his assistant Giametti. It was like gay excitement overload. This is why we watch ‘Project Runway’. Austin Scarlett started bouncing up and down and screaming, Anthony was fanning his face like a beauty queen and Jerell started bawling like a baby. Classic. 

Then the challenge was introduced. The designers were to use $100 to find materials in a 99 cent store and construct a piece that was inspired by their premiere pieces. Mondo used electrical tape and other black materials to make a flawless black mini dress and head piece. Austin experienced the classic glue gun mishap, but recovered nicely with some plastic patch work. Michael Costello and April chose mop heads for their similar dresses, which is never a shock. Costello tends to have these ‘copy cat’ accidents often. 

Gordana used tissue paper for her mini dress, Sweet P used dish rags and cheap belts, then Elisa took a couple hits of acid and sent a winged bathing suit down the runway. The judges were not pleased. Rami had a great dress with beautiful construction and was the winner of the challenge. This is good, because there is no immunity this season. Jerell had a great flowing piece as well. 

Elisa was all kinds of crazy. She spit on fabric during her past season and was laying on the floor offering to bless Joanna Coles by licking her finger. I’m a bit sad that she had to go so soon, although it was well deserved. You can’t invent that level of insanity.