Procrastinate With These Shirtless Hotties For National Procrastination Week [PHOTOS]

Shirtless Magic Mike Boys
The Guys Take It All Off While Filming Magic Mike
Guys! Guess what today is?! It’s the last day of National Procrastination Week! Who knew that was a thing?

In true procrastinating fashion, we’ve waited until the last day to celebrate! And what better way to celebrate than with 15 of our favorite men being all sexy and shirtless? I mean, you really didn’t need to finish writing that paper or cleaning the house anyway, right?

I just can’t pick who my favorite shirtless man is. I was never into super buff until Joe Manganiello came into my life, and then there’s the perfection that is Ryan Gosling. Oh! And Ian Somerhalder! Do you have a favorite? 

Will there be one man whose photo you stare at for the 3 hours instead of getting ready to go out Saturday night? Of course there will be! And then National Procrastination Week will be complete!

Launch the gallery to check out all the super sexy photos! And don’t forget to tell us who’s your favorite in the comments! Now go off and don’t do any of the work you were supposed to! Yay!