‘Prison Break’ Star Lane Garrison Arrested, Denies Domestic Abuse

TMZ has footage of Prison Break’s Lane Garrison getting into it with Playmate girlfriend Ashley Mattingly at her Beverly Hills apartment building.  

In the security video, Garrison is seen running into Mattingly’s garage after her car pulls in, then the two appeared to argue in the lobby.  Mattingly looked to be demanding that Garrison leave, but a struggle ensued.  From the footage (watch the video after the jump), Garrison appeared to strike his girlfriend, 25.

This isn’t the first time Garrison and Mattingly’s domestic disputes were reported to the police.  According to the Daily Mail, a neighbor called the police after the couple got into another fight.  The next day, they put on a united front in West Hollywood, kissing and hugging for the cameras on Robertson Boulevard.

Garrison, who is currently serving probation for vehicular manslaughter in 2007, is currently being held on $50,000 bail.  He claims he did not strike his girlfriend, but instead tried to get ahold of her phone, which had “incriminating texts.”