Priscilla Presley: Before And After

May 13th, 2005 // 43 Comments

A beautiful woman turned into this.

Just plain sad.

[Thanks to L.P. for the photos]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. I’d rather see her age naturally. Why is it that women strive to look younger and end up looking like they wear a mask? She’s a grandmother – my own grandmother has wrinkles, sagging skin in spots, but the most beautiful natural smile that lights up her eyes – her face moves when she smiles.

    Natural is better in my opinion – so much plastic surgery just creates the perception that this woman is so self-absorbed and superficial that she has no wisdom to pass along.

  2. tangent Shenzhen

    I’ve seen worse.

  3. Mariana

    I’ve seen worse too, but catching her on Letterman a few nights ago, I noticed she could barely move her face. She’s gone a bit overboard on the procedures. She’s got to have more botulism in her face than a crate full of Chef Boyardee left out in the sun for ten years.

  4. Brad

    She looks ok. She IS like 500 years old..

  5. rr

    I disagree. Good for her that she keeps herself up.

    Priscilla was absolutely beautiful in the group shot with Lisa Marie and her granddaughter on the cover of Vanity Fair recently.

    Enough. It’s mean-spirited features such as this that cause women to get botox & surgery in the first place.

    Even if she had aged in a so-called “regular” manner, the comparison would have still been mean. Give her a break. She’s still a beautiful & graceful woman.

  6. Priscilla Presley used to look like a Norweigan knockout! Now at 60, she looks like a overly Botoxed, fake, hideous monster! She’s a grandmother for goodness sake! I think Priscilla should have aged naturally, she still would be stunning, but she isn’t anymore. Elvis would be shocked!

  7. Jo

    I think she looks alright. I do not like her current hairstyle but all else is good. How do you all know how many plastic surgery procedures she has had? I personally think she has done quite well with her life. Too bad her hubby didn’t appreciate having her to grow old with. he missed out on a lot of good things with his family.

  8. April

    I think that Priscilla Presley is one of the most beautiful women in history. Her lifestyle and choices are really none of anyone elses business. She is still gorgeous. Elvis Presley firmly believed in plastic surgery he thought it was awesome and he is the only one who really knows how he would feel. As for Priscilla I think she rocks and Lisa Marie too. They are carrying a large amount of responsibility just because of the name they own. I think the public is to mean and should just live and let live.

  9. Nat

    What’s wrong with not aging “gracefully”? I actually like it when women’s faces look too stretched or oversurgerized…It gives them a stylish oversurgerized look. I think Priscilla looked amazing in 2002, and now…Well, I don’t care, I still like people who don’t age gracefully.

  10. John

    I can not believe what you all are saying, I am watching her on Larry King Live, and she looks great.

  11. mark

    Such a shame for such a beautiful woman to do this to herself. I read she looked like the Joker, but she must have gone to Michael Jackson’s plastic surgeon. She looked like him to me on the Letterman show. So sad.
    Yea, she can do what she wants, but someone close to her should have told her she was becoming a freak.

  12. Danielle

    Priscilla looks hideous. I recently saw her on both Letterman and Larry King and she was downright scary. Did anyone else notice that when she would laugh, she would either put her head down or flip her hair in her face to hide her gruesome smile? I was still able to catch a few glimpses of her smile and it was painful. Her face wouldn’t move. Her whole lower face has been destroyed by the many procedures/botox that she’s had. It’s a shame that these celebs feel the need to look inhuman. She doesn’t look younger, she looks like an aging woman with too much plastic surgery.

  13. Cyndi Bakerson

    I think that Priscilla Presley just looks too unnatural, with all of the plastic surgery and Botox she’s had. I saw a picture of her from the 1970′s, and she actually had a few small wrinkles, and she was almost 30 then. Now, she’s 60, and looks younger than ever, with no wrinkles or lines or anything. She even looks younger than Lisa Marie! I think she is a lovely woman, but she does need to lay off the surgery, and start looking like Lisa Marie’s mom, and not her sister.

  14. Ellen D

    I think that Priscilla Presley is still gorgeous, and is the most glamorous and sexy grandmother that I have ever seen! She looks younger than her daughter, and I feel that her constant amount of Botox and plastic surgery operations have given Elvis’ ex-wife a beauty that remains ageless. Priscilla is just so darn beautiful, and she just seems to look more youthful as she gets older. I would love to look like her when I am her age! I saw her on “Elvis by the Presleys”, and her younger sister, Michelle, looks like Priscilla’s mother, and Michelle is 51, and Priscilla is 60! Amazing!

  15. Jan

    The still pictures of Priscilla Presley show an attractive woman, albeit one who does not really look much like the original Priscilla Presley. However, it is extremely apparent she has had too much of a good thing as far as plastic surgery is concerned when you see video of her. Her face does not move! She talks, laughs and carries on an animated conversation (on Oprah), yet her face does not move! That is the strange part.

  16. jenn

    I think it depends on how close the camera gets to Priscilla. From afar and if you squint, she looks good. But close-up, her lips have a strange shape and she cannot generate a natural expression. Whether you think she looks good or bad, you have to agree that it is very sad that she would prefer to live with not being able to form an expression of delight or smile.

  17. Deborah L.

    I think that Priscilla Presley is a very smart businesswoman and is quite an entrepreneur, as well as good actress and great author. She has done an incredible job in preserving Elvis’ legacy, and after reading an interview of hers from Ladies Home Journal in July,2003, a very elegant and well-mannered and classy woman. However, I was amazed at the photos I saw of her. Priscilla is 60, and looks young enough to be the older sister of her granddaughter (Lisa Marie’s daughter)who is only 15! She looks younger than Lisa Marie does, and has not a single wrinkle or line, nothing! She looks like she’s had too much Botox and one too many facelifts and chemical peels. In addition, her new haircolor, black with maroon and purple highlights, does Priscilla think she is her granddaughter? She really is too desperate to look like a young girl!

  18. Annie Lou

    Priscilla is one lucky lady. Not only is she extremely young-looking, exquisitly beautiful, and rich, rich, rich, she is also a loving mother to Lisa Marie and a son named Navarone Anthony. She is also a doting grandma to Riley (who definitely resembles Priscilla) and Benjamin Storm. She is in her early 60′s, and manages to look like she’s in her early 20′s! I read an interview of hers from Memphis magazine, and there was a recent photo of her and her mother, who is in her early 80′s, and she looks like she’s in her early 60′s! Good genes run in Priscilla’s family. I also love Lisa Marie, though I have to say she looks older than her dear mother. It’s incredible!

  19. Jan

    I think Priscilla Presley is very beautiful and gorgeous. It is simply astonishing that she is 60, and remains unlined, radiant, and as youthful as ever. She looks younger now than she did when she was married to Elvis, and she was in her twenties then! Priscilla is a fine example of someone who just manages to look better with age. I also think that Lisa Marie is very beautiful as well, but in a more natural way. Lisa Marie has not had any kind of cosmetic procedures, unlike her mother, who is clearly addicted to cosmetic surgery and Botox. However, I always wonder what would Elvis think if he was alive to see how mother and daughter are doing with their lives.

  20. Tom

    She is still one sexy mama and grandma! What I wouldn’t give to have one night with this sultry and sensual woman, who also is classy and sweet. Her daughter is pretty too, but Priscilla is about the most gorgeous I have ever seen, and remains a hot babe!

  21. Didi

    Priscilla is a Botox monster! I actually got to meet her in New York City earlier this year, and she was signing copies of her new book “Elvis by the Presleys”. She was very sweet and gracious, but I could not believe my eyes, her face had no expressions, and she has no lines at all. I asked her how she stays so young looking, and she sort of nervously laughed, and told me she just keeps her skin clean. Yeah, sure Priscilla, it’s more like the ridiculous amount of cosmetic surgery and Botox injections you constantly have done! She was a nice lady and is very nice to Elvis’ fans, and has done a lot to protect his legacy, and she is a loving mother to a beautiful (natural, that is) daughter, who is almost 40. Priscilla is 60, and soon to be 61, so she needs to really grow up and realize that beauty is skin deep, not in the hands of a surgeon’s needle and scalpel.

  22. Debbie Doyle

    Elvis is rolling over in his grave ;)

  23. Roberta

    Priscilla has had more plastic surgery and Botox than Joan Rivers, and looks much more fake! She is a plastic woman who keeps talking about her life with Elvis and how she loves Lisa Marie, all she really cares about is going to the plastic surgeon’s office and getting more and more work done! Grow up and face the fact that you’re an old woman and a granny, and start aging like a real woman does, geez!

  24. Tammy M

    Priscilla is a an example of a woman who does not believe in aging gracefully, and it’s such a shame. She looked so beautiful in the ’60′s and ’70′s, when she was in the 20′s and 30′s. Now it’s the 2000′s, and she is in her 60′s, and looks younger, yet looks like she is the Joker! I think Elvis would be astounded if he saw what his ex-wife has done to her face, it’s terrible! I heard Priscilla on the radio recently, and she says she still feels like a child, with lots of energy, she says she can excercise for hours and hours, and she said that plastic surgery is “something that could make one feel good, so there’s nothing wrong with it”, but she didn’t admit to having any work done. She said that “inner beauty is the most important, not physical”, I think Ms. Presley needs to take a does of her own medicine!

  25. Brian

    Priscilla is one sexy lady, man! I never have seen such a gorgeous and youthful grandmother before! So if she has surgery, she wants to keep maintaining her beauty, cause she’s still got it! Her daughter is sexy too, but not near as sexy as her mother has always been. Wow, hot!

  26. jlynn

    I agree with what one of yall said. I think she was most beautiful in the 60s and 70s. I dont mind what she has done to herself after all it is her life, and her money. I just wish she would have left her nose and lips alone. I loved her ‘beaulieu’ nose and I think it added TONS of character to her face, but I am proud of her no matter what she looks like, we love you cilla!

  27. Donna

    Priscilla is one lady who is clearly addicted to cosmetic surgery. I met Priscilla last year and got an autograph, and I told her I was a big fan of hers. She was nice enough personality wise, but her face is so fake! She has not one line or wrinkle, and she is 60 years old! I noticed that she also does not smile so much because she’s had so much Botox that her face shows no emotions at all. It’s amazing because I saw a recent photo of her and Lisa Marie, Lisa Marie looks older than Priscilla does!

  28. Erin

    Hey ,
    I dont see anything wrong in her looking the way she does .She is and will always be a stunning woman.And hey lets not talk about grandmas coz not all grandmas in the first place ever could look like Pricilla did ok?
    Leave her alone and stop picking on her its her choice and maybe she has alot of other problems which has nothing to do with plastic surgery so…let her live her life and you and me mine!!

  29. linda spence

    I just stumbled over this site. I can’t believe this many people are interested in Priscilla Presley. She is, after all only famous because she was married to Elvis, and got her show business jobs because her last name is Presley.

    To me, she has always been kind of bland. But now, her face doesn’t look young, it looks like it is puffed up with something, like if you stuck her face with a pin, water, or liquid plastic or something would come out.

    I believe in plastic surgery, but after you get SO old, to try to look SO young looks artificial and ludicrous.

  30. LB

    I, too, was shocked to see Priscilla on Oprah. She used to be such a beautiful woman and, sadly, thinks she must paralyze her face in order to stay young looking.
    I am really shocked to see so many posts, especially from men, who think it is fabulous what she has done to look so “sexy and hot”. Look closely. Her face looks like a dead woman’s, with no expression.
    She is, however, a remarkable woman, clearly intelligent with a great deal of business savvy.
    What a shame that’s not enough! She would incredibly beautiful without all that botox and surgery.

  31. Todd

    Priscilla Presley is still hot and sexy as ever. I wouldn’t give it a second thought to be with her, she is so hot, oh my! Who eould think a 60-year-old grandmother who has dealt with all the drama of Elvis and their crazy daughter Lisa Marie, could still be so stunning? Priscilla is like a fine wine, she just looks and gets better with age. I’m all for plastic surgery and botox procedures if it could make my woman look like Priscilla. You rock Cilla!

  32. Jason

    Priscilla is hot, hot, hot! I had no idea she was as old as she is, and I just recently saw a photo of her and Lisa Marie, and Priscilla is hotter, more younger-looking, and more beautiful than Lisa Marie. Give it up for you Priscilla, I would be with you in a heartbeat! Yeah baby, yeah!

  33. Danny

    Priscilla is sexy as anything, oh yeah baby! She is the hottest grandmother I have ever seen, and I wouldn’t give it a second thought to give her a good time! :) :) If plastic surgery could make my girlfriend look just like Priscilla, I would say, “Go for it!” I would dump her easily just to spend one night with Elvis’ ex. All I can say is Elvis had good taste, and to me, Priscilla manages to look sexier than ever! :)

  34. lrt

    I just saw her interviewed on Entertainment Tonight and she could barely move her lips. She looked awful. I suspect, given the beautiful woman that she was, that she would look fantastic if she’d just let herself age normally. So sad.

  35. Priscilla

    I saw Priscilla on Entertainment Tonite recently, and she looked so incredibly fake! There is no way a 60-year-old woman could have no lines at all, impossible! I feel almost ashamed that I have the same name as she does, because I am all natural, and have an aversion to cosmetic surgery of any kind. What kills me is all these men are just going gaga over her, and it’s sick. You need to lay off the surgery and botox Priscilla, you look like a freak!

  36. Michelle

    Hi all,
    I am Michelle, and I know none of you all will believe me, but I am Priscilla’s sister. I came across this site almost accidentally. I have done numerous interviews over the years about Cilla, Elvis, and Lisa. All I can say, is my sister is a lovely, family-oriented, hard-working, and dedicated human being. We are very close, and even though she has had numerous plastic surgical procedures, she is still my sister, and I am very proud of her. Cilla has constantly been there for me, and I have done the same for her. Even though she looks much younger than me (and I am nine years younger), I admire her more than any woman on the face of this Earth.
    Love you Cilla,
    Michelle :)

  37. Jeff Beaulieu

    Hello to everyone, especially you Michelle,

    I am Priscilla and Michelle’s younger brother and I just want to say to all the people who are bashing Cilla, you really have no right to do so. Do any of you know Cilla personally? I didn’t think so, so what do you know about her? My sister is a very kind, compassionate woman who has always put her family first and foremost, but always defends us at all costs. When people criticize her cosmetic surgery, the real reason why she has had such work done is because of all the hurtful remarks from people and from Elvis. I knew Elvis as a young kid, and while he loved Cilla more than anything, he was very critical of her looks. She has always been a beautiful, special person, and I am so proud that she is MY sister.

    All the best to you Cilla, you deserve it!

  38. brittany

    First of all priscilla presley is beautiful and always will be. Ok it aint like no one on this website has ever went out wearing way too much make up or something funny looking hers is the same thing except for like ever and she will always be prettier then anyone on this site. And you guys are all just jealouse cause she married elvis so you guys need to get over yourselfs and stop hating her for who she is. oh and by the way i like to thank her brother for standing up for his family ok. yeah and to all those peopl who like priscilla and stood up for her.

  39. Tim B

    Hi everyone,

    I am the youngest brother of Cilla, as well as our other siblings: Don, Michelle, Jeff, and Tom. First, I just want to thank all of you who have supported Priscilla, because she is so appreciative of all of her fans. For those of you who feel you have to judge my sister, please remember that while everyone is entitled to their opinion, no one has a right to be judged. I want to personally say that my sister is a gracious, beautiful, talented, and very special woman who has always instilled good values and is endlessly dedicated to preserving Elvis’ legacy, being there for Lisa, and working to be more than just the ex-wife of E (our family’s nickname of Elvis).Cilla has had some work done over the years, but the only reason for her work is because of the fact that she really is so sensitive to criticism, and she does not like the fact of getting older. I love you Cilla, you are not only my big sister, but also my friend, confidant, and mentor.

    Always here for you and with love,

    • Carol

      i am sure she is a wonderful person, but when a woman is known so much for her beauty it is only natural for the public to focus on her plastic surgery if it goes awry. i have seen a lot of people with plastic surgery, but i never saw a person who’s facial expressions we so unanimated. I think is is a fine line between plastic surgery helping a person look better, but when they cross the lline and the face looks so plastic people are going to notice because she was known for her beauty. These comments are just the other side of the coin.

    • Carol

      Nobody is judging your sister, but when she has flaunted her beauty for years and drawn so much attention to herself and her looks. I think her vanity and refusal to accept getting older. I do not think people would say as much if she did not go to such extremes . I really think its not about being mean spirited but feeling sad to see her like this.

  40. James N.

    Holy cow, is it just me or has Priscilla Presley gotten more hot, more sexy, more younger-looking, and more stunning, even though she is in her early sixties. I mean, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! You rock Priscilla, you can come over to my house anytime you want. Nice! I do think that Lisa Marie needs to start getting some work done like her hot mama, because she really looks old, worn, and ragged, with lots of wrinkles and lines. Lisa Marie looks really bad, her mother looks like the hottest woman I’ve ever seen.

  41. Marion

    Trying to stay young backfired. She looks so horrible. Not pretty anymore.

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