Printemps Pinault Redoute’s Mammoth Mistake

“This will cost the Gucci Group a great deal of money, and then they will realize what a mistake they have made” — Karl Lagerfeld, on the recent Gucci shakeup [FWD]

For once I agree with Karl Lagerfeld. Designer’s make a label, and Tom Ford brought Gucci back to life. The pre-Ford years at Gucci were laughably unfashionable.

Tom Ford, the openly gay designer credited with reviving the Gucci brand during the past decade, will leave the company next year, the Gucci Group N.V. announced on Tuesday. Domenico De Sole, the chief executive of Gucci, was a dyanmic force who helped bring in Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney into the Gucci umbrella.

Ford, who is fashion icon himself, hasn’t revealed his future plans. Look for the current Gucci faithfull’s to follow wherever Tom goes.

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