Princess Di Was Human

June 12th, 2007 // 11 Comments

This ain’t a week for flattering portraits of icons. A new book is out by Tina Brown called “The Diana Chronicles”. Ms. Brown lets us know that Di was a bitch and f-ed around. Thanks, Tina. Way to kick the headstone over and pee on the grave. In Princess Di’s defense, she had a HOT son. Damn, that Harry is smoking. And yes, having a hot son makes up for a lot. Maybe not murder, but at least bitchery and slattern behavior. The author, a former newspaper editor, only met Di in person four or five times but apparently that was enough for a book. And she claims Diana was busy:

Brown concludes her first affair was with Barry Mannakee, her bodyguard from 1985, who was later killed in a motorcycle accident. Next was Hewitt, whose relationship with Diana initially had the tacit approval of the royals, Brown writes. Afterward came James Gilbey, related to the gin fortune, who was caught calling Diana “Squidgy” in a bugged phone conversation; art dealer Oliver Hoare (whom she harassed with anonymous phone calls); rugby player Will Carling (whose wife named Diana in divorce proceedings); surgeon Hasnat Khan, the love of her life who would not marry her because of his obligations to his Muslim family and to his profession, and Dodi Fayed, son of Harrods owner Mohamed Al Fayed, who was just a bit of post divorce summer entertainment.

Some of those are post-divorce so I don’t know what the damn problem is. Keep reading for more on Di’s cranky side, including when she dumped Fergie (royal not “Glamorous”) for Fergie’s claim that she gave her warts.

She was especially unkind to Sarah Ferguson, her former sister-in-law who had been married to Charles’s younger brother Prince Andrew, once tipping off photographers about a dalliance “Fergie” was having. The two women forged a new alliance during their divorces, but when the impecunious Ferguson alleged in an otherwise saccharine autobiography that she had caught a plantar wart from a pair of Diana’s shoes she borrowed, Diana cut her off for good.

I would have too. Don’t out me as warty in the press, ho! And Brown claims Diana wasn’t above using the paps to make life miserable for her ex and his old maid.

Diana the princess-divorcée was also plotting publicity coups to upstage her rival, Camilla, that summer of ’97. She timed her none-too-discreet escapade aboard the Fayed yacht to coincide with a birthday party Charles was giving for his mistress at his Highgrove estate. Diana told a friend that she fantasized about jumping out of the cake in a bathing suit–and did the next best thing by allowing the paparazzi to photograph her in a tiger-striped one-piece as she dove off the boat. According to Brown, Diana even informed photographers so they could capture the famous telephoto picture of her kissing Dodi out in the water off Corsica–a shot that earned the photographer some $500,000. After it was published, she complained that it was too grainy.

There’s nothing she did that anyone else wouldn’t have done if they were a rich global celebrity. She was a complicated chick. You can’t go around dripping in war-torn orphans ALL the time. You need to get yours!

By J. Harvey

  1. Jesse D

    Tina Brown is disgusting. Nothing she could possibly write would change my opinion on Diana.

  2. little geezer

    Talk about flogging a dead horse. It’s all been said a million times already.

  3. shadygoddess

    Diana is one big yawn. She’s dead, let it go.
    If these people were the company she kept, then she was def skeevy. You are known by the company you keep, and her pre- and post- divorce buddies and dalliances prove it.

  4. T-Bone

    Diana was a human being with flaws and all, but if you were treated like a pile of sh*t by the entire family you married into (including the husband), you might be inclined to look elsewhere for love and affection as well.

  5. Samantha Jones

    Dewitt: aka Harry’s father

  6. Jade

    Right on T-Bone!!!

  7. CountessaDNB

    so Diana had affairs, so she was catty, so she imagined seeking revenge on her ex – that just makes her interesting and a human being like the rest of us

  8. stolidog

    apparently, some famous dead people (Di and JFK Jr.) were sluts. Good riddance to them, huh?

  9. Lindsay

    Tina Brown has no class and writing this book jsut proved it. Why can’t she leave her alone and let her sleep in peace. Everything that Brown was writing was already documented in the past and there’s nothing new in it.

  10. libbylib

    tina Brown is great. Vanity Fair was a FAR better magazine when she was editor.

  11. Naveen

    I think what she has said about diana is right I never liked that woman & things she did except her look no so very great but good looks Tina is right

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