Meet The Royal: HRH Princess Michael Of Kent [PHOTOS]

Kelly Lynch | January 8, 2013 - 4:15 pm

You may have seen her in various photos over the past few years, given how many royal engagements have made the news (the royal wedding, the Diamond Jubilee celebrations), but HRH Princess Michael of Kent has been making waves ever since she married into the House of Windsor in 1978.

Born Baroness Marie Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida; née von Reibnitz in Karslbad (now Czech Republic), the interior designer and author married George V’s grandson, Prince Michael of Kent in a civil ceremony in Vienna.

The couple have two children, Lord Frederick Windsor and Lady Ella Windsor, who are both in line of succession to the throne. 

Prince Michael had to give up his spot in line when he married Marie Christine, who is Roman Catholic.

Enough chatter here.  Lauch the gallery to learn more about the somewhat scandalous Princess Of Kent.

PS, doesn’t HRH remind you of Joan Collins a bit?  It’s like she’s stuck in Dynasty.

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