Princess Letizia of Spain Might Be Over Royal Life

Princess Letizia of Spain, the wife of Spain’s future King Prince Felipe, is apparently taking some time to assess her role as a member of the country’s royal family.

Latin Times reports that the princess, a former journalist, has left Mallorca, where the rest of the royal family is spending the summer holiday.  Letizia flew first to Madrid and hopped a connection flight to Zurich, Switzerland, where she is believed to be decompressing at a “remote resort.”

Several reports claim that the “pressure with her marriage and her royal responsibilities” is starting to overwhelm Letizia, who married Felipe in May 2004.  The princess is not particularly popular with the Spanish public, who see her as tense, “rigid” and uncomfortable in public.  One rumor claims she’s addicted to plastic surgery (we have a gallery that may or may not support this accusation)

Letizia’s cousin, attorney David Rocasolano claims that the Prince and Princess signed a pre-nuptial agreement that would grant Letizia an “assignment” should divorce be an option, but she would lose custody of their *daughters, Leonor and Sofia.

Don’t worry.  Letizia get winter and summer residences.

This reeks of Princess Charlene’s near-escape from her own wedding to Prince Albert of Monaco.

*editor’s note – the girls are not twins, despite previously stated.

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