Prince William Is Loaded

June 21st, 2007 // 8 Comments

When will my alternate lover Prince Harry get his? Prince William’s loaded now that the trust fund from his Mom got activated because he turned 25 today. 13 MILLION! Nice! William’s ok, but he’s no Harry. I’d like to point out that I was into Prince Harry way before I knew his ass was going to get 13 million to spend on me. So the rest of you jealous bitches can go die or something. I know 13 million might not seem like a lot to some of those crazy rich people out in Hollywood but it does me just fine. Especially when it’s being wielded by the redheaded sexy that is Prince Harry. Grrrrrr. Oh yeah, this story’s supposed to be about his brother. I’m sorry, he’s like a graham cracker.

Wills, upon crossing the 25-year-old threshold, gets the $13 million his mother Princess Diana left him in her will, plus interest and “other income accrued,” according to reports. That translates into about $500,000 to $600,000 per year, on top of the reported $44,000 he makes from being a second lieutenant in the British Army.


Details on Prince William’s expense account are after the jump.

And then, of course, there’s his expense account, which his dad, Prince Charles, takes care of — though sources who knew Wills in high school at Eton tell TMZ that he never ever had spending money, and that his subjects/pals had to fork over cash for everything.

It sounds more like bitch had crocodile arms. Too short to reach his damn pockets. Hmmmph. I’m sorry – if I’m out with Prince Whatever of So and So, he’s buying a round or two.

By J. Harvey

  1. little geezer

    Those royals need to dilute that blue blood a bit and start breeding with peasants or at least one step down the social ladder.
    He’s a bit inbred and horsey looking for my taste.

  2. ifyousayso

    is that $13 mil U.S. dollars or 13 mil GBP? b/c 13 mil GPB is almost $26 mil USD…

    either way…you can have harry; i’ll take wills. i’m not that picky, so long as he has a british accent :)

  3. Elaine

    Wow, how apropos. I was just commenting in another section, saying how much I’d like to bang one or both of the Princes. After that interview, I’m finding it difficult to ignore their deep, sexy, british voices that are rooted in my brain.

    J, I’d be more than happy to conquer William and then regale Harry with tales of your majestic hilarity. But only if I can party with you two. I have a feeling William is a two beer queer and one of those irritating drunks who keeps saying “Dude…dude…I’m so wasted right now, heeheeheehee” and always breaks shit.

  4. Fifi

    OMG little geezer beat me to it, i totally agree, Wills was on adorable little boy, but he is looking rather INBRED these days. Harry is one HOT mofo… sorry accents are cute, but it should be coming out of a face you aren’t tempted to slap every minute.

  5. Next Princess

    Back off, J – Harry’s all mine. He’s my spectacular ginger-headed sexy royal polo-playing uniform-wearing military giving out orders hot mf!


    Mrs. Harry, Future Princess of England

  6. silvarga

    Wha? 13 Million! That’s all????

    One would think there would be an extra zero or two somewhere in there. Sh*t, The fake heirs featured on those Bachelor-type reality series inherit more than than. Of course, that IS just from his mom not his total royal Royal net worth.

    still though.

    lol, Look for drunken greasy Brandon Davis to show up on TXZ sometime soon spouting off about how POOR Prince William is…

  7. fuschia

    I’d gladly take either of them (my god, did you hear Prince William’s voice? He could look like Mr. Bean for all I care, and with that accent and deep voice…he’s getting it, lol. But, given the choice, I’d definitely take Harry. He’s one sexy ginger, lol. Plus, he seems like more fun.

    His gf is one lucky bitch, lol.

  8. I think William sometimes look different in his pictures you know it’s tricky sometimes.

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