Prince William and Harry Drink And Strip To Become Pilots

It will make you feel safer to know that one must earn their Drinking Wings before they are officially trained and licensed to operate a helicopter. Prince William and Prince Harry are all set but have yet to complete their “initiation” before they can fly the friendly skies.

Prince William has the lamer of the tasks, which we guess makes sense — Willy is for the tame of heart. Anyway, he’s slated to drink beer out of a toilet and then get buckets of icy water tipped over his head.

Pretty kittenish. Sounds almost refreshing,

Prince Harry on the other hand will be forced to strip down naked and run the length
of the landing strip at RAF Barkston Heath in Lincolnshire.
It’s called The Naked Run, and Harry is expected freeze his little Ginger-ness off as “the runway is long, and freezing at this time
of year.”

Just as long as Harry remains shirtless and keeps his mouth closed all will be kosher. It’s good the pilots are capitalizing on Harry’s strong suits.

Gallery Info: Prince William and Prince Harry at the World premiere of the new James Bond movie Quantum of Solace held at the Odeon Cinema, Leicester Square in London.