Prince Is The Shortest, Most Wonderful Rock Star In The World

April 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Prince used his Vegas concert to make Paris Hilton look like the damn fool that she is. She was in the audience and he invited her to come up on stage and sing some jams with him. As you’ve probably guessed by now, Paris can’t sing. Hilarity ensued.

A source tells Us Weekly that Hilton, 26, was in the audience at the Purple One’s April 20 Club 3121 gig at the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino in las Vegas when he invited the “Stars Are Blind” singer to join him.

As a “delighted” Hilton obliged, Prince, 48, handed her the mic and told the audience, “Let’s see if she can really sing,” says the witness.

Hilton stormed offstage – and left the club two songs later.

Prince’s rep had no comment. Hilton’s rep says, “The item is false.”

If it’s false, it’s a marvelous tale nevertheless. Did he sing “Darlin’ Nikki”? I love that jam. And maybe Paris could have shown off her pole dancing skills to it to alleviate the tension. Hell, she probably can’t pole-dance either.


By J. Harvey

  1. MadCat

    For the love of God, step away from the kitten! It is NOT a fashion accessory! It is actually a living creature that requires time, attention, food & water. Waaaaaay beyond your capabilities.

  2. SARAH

    I, too, hope this is true!
    Take her down a few pegs.

  3. dondadav

    “I knew this girl named Nikki,
    I guess you could say she was a sex fiend,
    Met her in a hotel lobby,
    Masterbating with a Magazine”.

    J, that song is as awesome as you are! Oh, and Prince kicks ass.

  4. Rhone Gal

    Nation! When will you all learn that “masturbate” is spelled with a gawd damn “U.” mast”U”rbate!!
    No…that’s not a command I just typed; merely a grammatical correction. Thank you.

  5. chipper

    Rhone Gal = hilarious.

    Yeah, god help us all, please keep Paris away from the kittens.

  6. Maria

    Way to go Prince. There are a lot of waste of space spoiled rich talentless fleas in Hollywood right now it’s time that someone put them in their places.

    Paris Hilton is the biggest embarrassment in the
    society she was born into. No self respecting family will ever want to marry their sons to this kind of trollop. Even if the Hilton Conglomerate was the biggest Dows earner in the stock market.

  7. ugh

    This is TRUE TRUE TRUE!! But, not quite the way it happened according to reports from MULTIPLE people who were there and posted on the Prince message boards. Prince’s singer, chose one of Paris’ friends to go onstage and dance with others from the crowd. Paris was drunk (as usual) and got pissed, so she made her way onstage herself. Prince tried to give her the mic a couple of times to see if she could sing, but the stupid tramp wouldn’t do it. Hell, even ‘unknown’ audience members always at least try when he does that, even if they aren’t ‘recording stars’ like she is.

    Paris also did some of her infamous flashing, pulling up the back of her dress and showing her flabby ass cheeks. Gawd, I wish this skank would just go away and especially stay the hell away from any Prince concerts!!

  8. Brian Wilson

    Everytime you masturbate God gives Paris a kitten

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