Prince Harry’s Duty

I’d like to see the Bush twins do some time themselves.

Prince Harry could end up on the front line in Iraq after opting to join the elite Blues & Royals regiment.

But he will escape another key task of the Household Cavalry – sentry duty outside his grandmother’s home, Buckingham Palace – because he’s an officer. Harry, 21, is due complete his Army officer training at Sandhurst in April.

The Ministry of Defence yesterday confirmed the playboy prince could be sent to either Iraq or Afghanistan if his squadron was deployed to those places. The prince would be required to operate ahead of front-line British troops to act as their “eyes and ears” and gather intelligence about the movements of enemy forces.

If deployed, he would be only the second member of the royal family in more than 50 years posted abroad to fight for his country, after Prince Andrew, who served in the Falklands conflict.

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