Prince Harry Off To War

Sexy redheaded royal Prince Harry is off to Iraq . Yikes.

Prince Harry will be deployed to Iraq, Britain’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed.

A source told PEOPLE on Tuesday that Harry, 22, was likely to be sent to the Middle Eastern nation.

The announcement that his regiment, the Blues and Royals, will serve in Iraq comes just a day after Prime Minister Tony Blair told parliament that Britain would start reducing its military presence in the country.

Tons of soldiers are dying in that stupid place everyday, so it’s probably a shame to highlight one snotnosed punkass who likes to wear Nazi paraphenalia being sent over there. But he’s hot. What, I’m shallow. This is a gossip website. Shut up! He’s gonna look smoking in that military garb. Or walking around in a spousal abuser. Sweaty, dumping water over his head, maybe describing things as “bloody this” or “bollocks”. *sigh*

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