Prince Harry Off To War

February 22nd, 2007 // 16 Comments

Sexy redheaded royal Prince Harry is off to Iraq . Yikes.

Prince Harry will be deployed to Iraq, Britain’s Ministry of Defense has confirmed.

A source told PEOPLE on Tuesday that Harry, 22, was likely to be sent to the Middle Eastern nation.

The announcement that his regiment, the Blues and Royals, will serve in Iraq comes just a day after Prime Minister Tony Blair told parliament that Britain would start reducing its military presence in the country.

Tons of soldiers are dying in that stupid place everyday, so it’s probably a shame to highlight one snotnosed punkass who likes to wear Nazi paraphenalia being sent over there. But he’s hot. What, I’m shallow. This is a gossip website. Shut up! He’s gonna look smoking in that military garb. Or walking around in a spousal abuser. Sweaty, dumping water over his head, maybe describing things as “bloody this” or “bollocks”. *sigh*

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By J. Harvey

  1. Michelle

    EFF You J. Harvey. My husband happens to be in that place you refer to as stupid where thousands die. What a thing to say. You suck.

  2. MIssNee


    Iraq is a fucking shithole (something my MARINE husband refers to it as) that none of our men should be in. Maybe you should direct your anger the people that don’t actually give a flying fuck about my husband or the men other men in uniform. I echo what J. Harvey said…Iraq is a stupid place where thousands have died. Deal with it.

  3. MissNee

    -the men

  4. Back off Michelle.

    My brother is there now also, this is his 3rd trip.

    J. Harvey abosolutely justified and correct.

    Read what he said with your head…not your heart…use your mind, not your mouth.

    Iraq is a shithole…the troops should be pulled and that place should be blown off the map.

  5. OH, and who would have thunk that Harry would have been the HOT one???

    Wills had SUCH a commanding lead…

  6. stolidog

    on a brighter note, maybe he’ll do a little dance with just a santa hat a la Jarheads.

  7. me

    well, all comments about the stupidity of invading another country to prop up a dwindling non-sustainable resource supply (viz. oil) aside, it seems the genes are coming out. he’s a soldier like his daddy… mr hewitt…

  8. me

    by the way, i wish we’d all get good and mad enough to STOP everybody dying in stupid damn wars that make warmongers big bucks and ruin regular peoples lives! amen!

  9. simone

    my brother’s a marine and he came back recently. he says it sucks, but doesn’t refer to it as a shithole. i, on the other hand, do. i calls em like i sees em.

    why can’t william go? don’t kill off the good (= princess di) genes. william turned out bad. harry is definitely the hot one. perhaps an antisemite, but i’m sure many people in that family are antisemitic.

  10. Lee

    MISS NEE-u r a stupid fat bitch

  11. Brunette

    agreed. Harry is the hot one.

  12. Sarah

    I’m sure the Iraqi’s more than anybody would like the soliders to get out their ‘shithole’ more than anyboby. Which by the way has been made into a worse ‘shithole’ by the soliders who went over there and are fighting a war without a cause

  13. MissNee

    Lee: What is so impossible about typing “you’re”?

    This is exactly why I don’t think schools should have internet.

  14. Richard J Reed

    We, The UnWilling
    Lead by the UnCaring
    Have Done So Much
    For So Long
    With So Little
    That We are now Qualified
    to do Anything with Nothing

  15. USMC

    It’s not a shit hole, it’s just tragic. The once hanging guardens of babylon and gold mine for archeologists and paleontologists have become nothing but the hanging guardens of corpses. Morale is low, and innocence is constantly suffering. Stupid isn’t how you discribe a place like this while honoring the fallen. People died for that, “stupid shithole” I could be one of em someday and I take exception to anyone who refers the place that I have sacrificed so much for as a shithole. I have never nor will I ever refer this place as a Shit hole or stupid, just tragic and worn out. There are good men and women in my profession, but there are also good men and women out there living with what little they have. Someday I hope to sit next to Iraqi’s and shake their hands, and bond in a way only people who have SEEN, LIVED and gone through war can. Like the veterens of WW2 and so on.

    I’m a marine, and I fight for one cause, the god given right to live, which includes everything I used to take for granted.

    DO NOT ever call this place a shit hole, HONOR US damn it, we aren’t diying for a shit hole country, we’re dying because of a shit head who happens to be our elected offical says so.

  16. knote this

    To USMC ….Semper Fi (“Semper Fidelis” means “always faithful”), keep the faith and we love you. What can you say to a person who put’s his life on the line for other’s. One who defends freedom and honor. My words may be inadequate, but thank you and God speed USMC

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