Prince William Does Good Down Under

Prince William’s tour of of Australia and New Zealand came to a close today after the second-in-line visited areas damaged by flooding and earthquakes, according to the Associated Press.  The royal was well-received by residents, pleased by his presence and support in both countries.  Aside from touring areas left ravaged by the New Zealand earthquake and speaking with survivors of recent Australian floods, the prince took time today to attend a community BBQ today and toss around a football with locals.

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The prince seemed very relaxed at the gathering, which is due in part mostly to his late mother’s influence, Prince Diana who made it a point to expose both of her sons to charity and the real world.  Making William even more popular is his upcoming April 29th wedding to commoner (and the envy of every girl on planet earth) Kate Middleton.

Back in England, Kate is said to be prepping for her role as a princess by selecting charities to support, according to US MAGAZINE. I’d spend at least a few weeks counting my tiaras, if I were her.