Prince William: Beard Or No Beard? [PHOTOS]

While taking part in a more than a week of the Royal Navy’s Special Boat Service exercises in Barbados, Prince William let his facial hair roam free.  Catherine, at the time, was said to have liked it, but we prefer a clean-shaven Duke.  

The Telegraph states that a full beard is allowed, as long as permission is obtained from a commanding officer.  The heir, it is believed, also wanted to disguise himself during the exercises.

During the annual royal family walk to St. Mary Magdalene Church on the grounds of Her Majesty’s Sandringham estate in 2008, one royal well-wisher begged William for a kiss.  It might have been the beard talking, but the prince relented.  “Oh, go on, then – but just one kiss,” William told Debbie Bartlett, according to the Sun.


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