William And Kate On The Cover Of Vanity Fair

It’s here! It’s here! The much-anticipated July issue of Vanity Fair starring a never-before-seen photo of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is here!

PHOTOS: Wills And Kate’s Pre-Wedding Tour

The photo is from a series of the couple’s engagement photos taken by Mario Testino.  We are so so SO jazzed to see this adorable picture of the the Duke and Duchess.  BTW-According to royal guru Katie Nicholl, Prince William has made it crystal clear that he still prefers to be referred to by birth title (Prince William), rather than “Duke of Cambridge.”  This means that by default, Catherine will be referred to as “Princess Catherine.”  This kind of screws everything up, as Catherine wasn’t born of royal blood and therefore isn’t a princess.  She will, however, become “Princess of Wales” once Charles ascends the throne and gives Wills and Kate the title, which signifies next in line to the throne.

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Apparently Prince Edward’s wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, wanted to be known as “Princess Sophie.”  Queen Elizabeth II immediately shut that down because Sophie far less important than Catherine (according to me).  Point: Kate Middleton.  Two extra points for that fabulous hair.

The royal couple’s North American tour itinerary has been released, with multiple stops in Canada.  According to People, Catherine will have to go through about 40 different outfit changes.  However, the couple do not want to travel with a huge entourage.  And though our fair (former) commoner doesn’t want too much fuss on her wardrobe, she realizes that she’s a royal now and it’s required that she play the part.  AKA-fabulous outfits.  Royal writer Judy Wade, who’s been on many a royal tour with the Windsors, says, “Kate is aware of the recession and cutbacks that people are facing, and will not want to be seen to be extravagant, but she is realizing that you cannot be in the public eye and be a fully-fledged royal without help with a dresser or someone like that.”

The July issue of Vanity Fair hits New Your and LA newsstands this Thursday, June 2nd and nationwide June 7th.  Best. Issue.  Ever.