Prince William And Kate Middleton May Bunk With A Fellow Brit While In Los Angeles

The rumors are flying here and there as to where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will stay when they arrive in Los Angeles Friday.   Some reports claim they’ll be bunking at the Beverly Hills Hotel, while People speculates that they’ll be staying at the British Consul-General’s residence in the tony Hancock Park neighborhood.  Dame Barbara Hay, who’s held the position since 2009, will welcome William and Kate Friday night with a “working reception” at her 7,247 sq. foot Mediterranean-style home.  Built in 1929, the home boasts seven bedrooms and bathrooms, as well as a rather large backyard garden perfect for entertaining.

Her Majesty’s representative often throws parties to celebrate British achievement, including The King’s Speech’s 12 Academy Award nominations this past year.  Dame Barbara’s official bio on the British Embassy site states that her job is to “multiply the multifarious connections which the U.K. enjoys with Southern California and the other states to which she is accredited.”  This occasion should allow her to kick back and enjoy the rest of the summer.

PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Nails Her Overseas Trip

While Los Angelenos eagerly anticipate TRH’s arrival, Wills and Kate continued their official tour of Canada, visiting a Rangers Station at Blachford Lake yesterday in Yellowknife, Canada. There, they met with First Nation villagers and later canoed to Honeymoon Island where they spent a secluded night together in tents.