Prince William And Kate Middleton Are Set To Race Each Other

Alrighty, so we know that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are popping over to North America for a quick “Hello,” and yesterday their Canadian itinerary was released.  Most of it’s official, including charitable visits and waving to thousands of adoring plebes.  There’s one activity that will see our newlyweds getting sporty: According to People, William and Kate will participate in a Dragonboat competition, teaming up against one another as they race across a lake on Prince Edward’s Island July 4th.  Their private secretary, Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton released the following statement: “Their Royal Highnesses will … team up with Dragonboat racers, taking a boat each – although I hasten to add, not themselves paddling, though probably steering – and they will race across the lake to the opposite bank where crowds will be gathered.”

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Kate’s an old hand at said racing, as she joined an all-female Dragonboat crew called “The Sisterhood” back in 2007.  Her reason for joining was quite simple, you see.  William gave Kate the old heave-ho, forcing her to pick up a hobby that said “F*** yourself.  I’m going to get my body into banging shape and make you wish you never dumped me.”  Well, it worked.  Soon after William and Kate got back together, she decided to quit the team for fear her participation would draw too much publicity.  She’s show in our gallery practicing with The Sisterhood on the River Thames in August 2007 in preparation for their race across the English Channel.