Prince Philip Is Not Dead, Just Stepping Down from Public Life

The Internet was in full speculation mode last night when the Queen called an emergency meeting. She summoned her most senior aides to call the entire household to Buckingham Palace.

The internet rumor was that Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip had died.

Nope. He is still very much alive.

Prince Harry & Prince William Keep It Casually Royal As The Visit Prince Philip

Aww, paying a visit to grandfather are we? This is why Prince Harry and Prince William are actually perfect. The royal fellas were spotted leaving the London Clinic earlier today after checking in with their grandfather, Prince Philip, who was admitted last week.

He is retiring from carrying out public engagements after serving alongside his wife for over six decades.

The Duke of Edinburgh, 95, will complete his final public commitment this August, Buckingham Palace announced Thursday morning.

“Thereafter, The Duke will not be accepting new invitations for visits and engagements, although he may still choose to attend certain public events from time to time,” a statement posted to the Royal Family’s Twitter page reads.

He turns 96 next month and is set to celebrate his 70th wedding anniversary with the Queen, 91, in November.

Although there has been widespread speculation about the Prince’s health, CTV’s Royal Commentator Richard Berthelsen said the Duke hasn’t had any known issues for the past 18 months. He also said Philip’s intention to keep his prior commitments before the fall suggests that he’s not suffering from any immediate health concerns.

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip Step Out On The Eve Of Their 65th Wedding Anniversary

Tomorrow will mark 65 years since the then-Princess Elizabeth married Prince Philip of Greece at Westminster Abbey.

Although there’s no traditional method of retirement for the royals, Berthelsen said it’s normal for members of the Royal Family to gradually reduce the number of public events they attend as they grow older.

“They’re still doing an enormous amount. More than most people would do,” he said.

Kick back and enjoy your retirement Prince Philip!

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