Prince Michael Jackson Pays Tribute To His Late Father In Germany

September 23rd, 2011 // 2 Comments

Michael Jackson‘s oldest son, Prince Michael Jackson attended Tribute to Bambi 2011 event at the Station tonight (September 23rd) in Berlin, Germany.  The 14-year-old wore an outfit that reminded us of the late singer, who famously wore a similar outfit and red armband.

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Jackson is set to make his first solo public engagement at an auction on November 10th, according to the Daily Mail.  There, Michael Jackson’s handwritten composition of “Bad” will go to the highest bidder, with proceeds benefiting the Tribute to Bambi foundation.  The event’s spokesperson told the Mail, “Prince Michael Jackson will walk the red carpet and present the manuscript on stage surrounded by children.  He won’t be traveling alone, but no family members will be with him.”

By Kelly Lynch

  1. hethe

    oh yeah he totally looks like michael. NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Ashley

    Why is this child’s paternity the only thing people want to comment about? He’s doing something wonderful, and he’s only 14 years old. He’s not out getting into trouble, he’s helping children.

    Constantly saying that these children aren’t Michael’s is a slap in the face to all parent/child relationships, weather the parents are biological, adoptive, foster or step. It doesn’t matter. No DNA tests will ever be done, I’m sure, so it’s pointless to debate.

    Constantly saying that these kids aren’t Michael’s is just wrong. Michael was as much their father as any father. He wanted kids, he was there for his kids, and he took care of them. Not all fathers do that.

    Michael would be proud of his son for doing this. I think it’s wonderful, and I think people need to shut up about skin color, hair texture, yadda yadda yadda, because you know what, it doesn’t matter. Michael loved his kids, his kids loved him, and it is nobody’s business what the truth is. If you want to say Michael Jackson lied to Bashir about Blanket, etc. then that’s ok. Michael never owed anyone an explanation about anything. Unless you’ve been super famous and speculated on all of your life, then you don’t know what it was like for him to constantly be bombarded with questions about his personal life and his kids.

    This man raised three children, and Prince seems like a very upstanding young man. At the end of the day, THAT is what matters.

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