Prince Harry’s Party Mate, Carrie Reichert Blames British Secret Service For Putting Her In Jail

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Ya’ll remember Carrie Reichert, hmm?  She’s the snitch who partied/made out with Prince Harry, then landed in jail over some fraudulent checks.  Reichert, 40, was booked into a Gulfport, Mississippi jail after being arrested while boarding a flight to Cabo San Lucas because she had a felony check fraud warrant out of Mississippi.

Reichert claims that the British Secret Service (I didn’t know such a thing existed in the UK) are responsible for her month-long jail term.  According to the Telegraph, Reichert denies writing fraudulant checks, claiming they related to a failed business venture in 2003.


Of her smooch with Harry, Reichert said, “It was just sexy naked. It was almost like a game. He was trying to get everybody to get naked. That was the whole point of him being naked.”

By Kelly Lynch

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