Prince Harry’s Military Training Finds Him In Nowhere, USA

With a population of 1700 and situated in the middle of the desert, Gila Bend, Arizona seems like the doorway to hell.  Guess what?  Prince Harry will be heading there the first week in October for 12 weeks of further military training.  The town has one bar and a swanky lil’ hotel called the Space Age Lodge (owned by Best Western), where Harry can use the pool for $2.50, according to the Daily Mail.  Knowing full well that his bar-hopping days will be limited for some time, Harry headed to friend Guy Pelly’s nightclub, Public last night and left around 2:45 a.m.

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The U.S. Airforce base is located here because the environmental conditions are similar to those in Afghanistan.  Harry has lots and lots of culture to look forward to, as it seems some of the locals are super fired up to have him.  “I have no idea who Prince Henry is. I’ve never heard of him,” one cowboy told the Mail.

Harry will love it.  He’ll get to live like it’s the ole’ west for three months.  And when he gets tired of that, he can head to a five-star resort in Mexico.  It’s a win-win.