Prince Harry Visits RAF Honington, Eager To Return To Afghanistan [PHOTOS]

February 10th, 2012 // Leave a Comment

Prince Harry, or Captain Wales to those serving in the military, paid a visit to RAF Honington today (February 10th) in Honington, England.  His Royal Highness met Afghanistan veterans and was shown equipment such as sniper rifles, night vision systems and machine guns.  There, he presented widow Jacqui Thompson with a plaque for her charity work, according to the BBC.

Yesterday it was announced that Harry successfully completed an intensive training course to fly the army Apache attack helicopter, according to the Guardian.  The Ministry of Defense confirmed that Cpt. Wales was also awarded “Best Front Seat Pilot” in the course that has defeated even the most skilled of pilots.  Hats off to Harry!

Harry has made it clear that he will return to Afghanistan this year, but when and where are being kept under wraps for security purposes.  Naturally, putting the third in line on the front lines is a huge risk, and four years ago a media embargo was compromised when an Australian tabloid reported on Harry’s whereabouts, requiring that he be flown back to the UK immediately. 

Even though the Ministry of Defense will be unable to control social media outlets like Twitter this time around, it’s imperative that all media outlets follow the embargo for the safety of the prince.

By Kelly Lynch

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