Prince Harry The Pygmy Hippo Is Pleased To Meet You [PHOTOS]

Fresh from his bath, six-day-old Prince Harry went about his business while the camera snapped away.  After a bottle (125 ml mix of water and milk) and a bath to keep his moist, the wee little pygmy walked around to see what the fuss was all about.  

Harry’s mother, according to The South Africa star (via Huffington Post) just doesn’t feel like feeding him, so Cango Wildlife Ranch employees must do it every three hours.  Apparently Hilda is not amazing at motherly skills, and has been known to trample her kids in the past.

Rob Hall, The ranch’s operations director, told Female First that naming the hippo after a famous Harry was meant to honor the British prince, who’s devoted much of his life to work in Africa.  

“We knew we wanted to call him something beginning with H and it suddenly struck us to name him Harry after the prince,” Hall said “Our team here loves Prince Harry as he shows true grit and is passionate about Africa. Our little guy is already proving he’s made of similar stuff and is determined to make the most of life.”

Prince harry is currently on the endangered species list, with only 30,000 of his kind left in the wild.