Prince Harry Talks Walking With The Wounded, Apparently Told Dirty Jokes & Built Toilets

Prince Harry Naked
Prince Harry sans clothing in Las Vegas.
Listen guys, just because Prince Harry is part of the royal family does not mean that he can’t make dirty jokes with the rest of them.

The ginger royal, who recently returned from a trek to the South Pole, welcomed back his fellow Walking With The Wounded travelers today in London. One of Harry’s walking mates, actor Dominic West, was more than happy to tell reporters what Harry was like on the trip.

Apparently guys, Harry enjoys a filthy joke just like the rest of us. 

Too bad they didn’t tell us any of them. Oh, and who knew that Harry is a master toilet builder? As Dominic told reporters, “He seemed to specialize in building the latrines and he built these incredibly elaborate ones. He did one with castellated sides and a flag pole, a loo roll holder, and you’re sitting there thinking ‘this is a real royal flush’. He must have spent about 40 minutes making it.”

Wait! Guys! Do you think Prince Harry built the toilet that Alexander Skarsgard took a naked dump on? That would give me joy. Also, I miss Harry’s beard. Launch the gallery to check out all the photos of the prince being handsome. Do you guys have a favorite royal? Tell me in the comments below!